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Index for Astronautics

Author Issue Title Page/Date
1 June 1930
David Lasser Introductory 1
New of the Society 1
Fletcher Pratt The Universal Background of Interplanetary Travel 2
David Lasser Current News and Views 2
News From Abroad 3
2 July 1930
C.W. van Devander New of the Society 1
Laurence E. Manning Getting Away from the Earth 2
C.P. Mason Can Man Exist in Outer Space? 2
C.W. van Devander Navigation in Interplanetary Space 3
Current News and Views 3
News From Abroad 4
3 September 1930
C.W. van Devander Guggenheim Aid for Rocket Society 1
New Satellite Proposed as Observatory 2
Sounding Space by Radio 2
To Repeat Balloon Attempt 2
Foresees Colonisation of venus 3
AIS Resumes Semi-Monthly meetings 4
4 October 1930
Clyde J. Fitch Interplanetary Communication 1
Laurence E. Manning Some Speculations Upon the Problem of Landing a Space Ship 3
C.W. van Devander Recent Articles on Interplanetary Travel 7
Research Program Begun 7
Cosmic Rays 8
Oberth Rocket Ready 8
Rocketeering 8
5 November 1930December 1930
G. Edward Pendray Definition and History of the Rocket 1
C.W. van Devander German Society Busy 4
Laurence E. Manning The Mechanics of Rocket Flight 5
C.W. van Devander Moon Flight Broadcast 7
Research Program Under Way 8
To The Moon 15 Years Says Pelterie 8
6 January 1931
C.W. van Devander The Bulletin in Brief 1
M. Pelterie Here 1
Has Two Step Rocket Ready 1
William Lemkin Rocket Fuels 2
Fletcher Pratt Ballistics of the Rocket 5
C.W. van Devander Doubts Life Away from Earth 7
Predicts 3-Hour Berlin-New York Flight 8
Works on Altitude Rockets 8
To Publish German Translations 8
7 February 1931
C.W. van Devander The Bulletin in Brief 1
Two Thousand at Museum Meeting 1
M. Pelterie Describes Interplanetary Flight 1
Clyde Fitch The Construction of a Rocket Vehicle 5
C.W. van Devander Altitude Rocket Explodes 8
Rockets to Make War Horrible 8
8 March 1931April 1931
Clyde Fitch Society Holds First Annual meeting 1
David Lasser Abstract of the Presidents Annual Report 1
G. Edward Pendray Abstract of the Vice Presidents Annual Report 2
Clyde Fitch News and Views of Current Events 3
Moon Charged With Negative Electricity 4
Moon Flight 4
New High Speed Camera May Aid Rocket Design 5
Acceleration Of The Human Body 5
Rocket Motor Drives Ice Boat 6
Seventeen Ounce Radio Transmitter 6
No Oxygen In Moon's Atmosphere 6
The Future of the Rocket 6
Nathan Schachner Equipment for an Interplanetary Expedition and Methods of Steering 7
L.C. Lee Jr The Experimental Atmospheric Rocket 11
Clyde J. Fitch News From Abroad 13
Liquid Fuel Rocket Rises 1000 Feet 13
German Rocket Rises With Scientific Instruments 13
Light Weight Rocket Motor Developed In Germany 14
Rocket Flying Machine 50 Years Old 14
Oberth's Air Rocket 14
Adolph L. Fierst Utilization of the Rocket 15
9 May 1931
Clyde Fitch Society Incorporates 1
Solid Fuel Rocket Models Rise 6000 Feet 1
German Rocket Car Tested 1
Stratosphere Plane Under Construction 2
Thomas W. Norton Physiological Implications of Rocket Flight 2
G. Edward Pendray The German Rockets 5
10 June 1931July 1931
Clyde J. Fitch Piccard Balloon Yakes Successful Stratosphere Flight 1
Successful Flights Made With Rocket Driven Motor 1
Patent For Rooket Airplane Issued to Goddard 2
Prize Awarded For Study Of Rocket's Strength 3
Dr. Lyon Selects Desert For Rocket Experiments 3
Rockets May Be Employed To study Terrestrial Magnetism 3
Rockets Featured In Recent Publications 4
Plans Rocket To Lift Man Fifty Miles 5
Harold A. Danne Across The Atlantic In A Rocket Plane, Abstract 5
A Letter From Dr. Goddard 9
11 August 1931
Clyde J. Fitch 1931-1932 Program Being Formulated 1
The German "Repulsor 11 Makes 1½ Kilometer Vertical Flight 2
Italian Rocket Plane Makes Successful Flights 3
Is Space Empty? 3
Noel Deisch The Navigation Of Space. (Abstract of Essay Submitted Dec. 1928 in the Rep-HirSch Competition 4
The Conquest of Space Coming, First English Rocket Book 10
12 September 1931
Clyde J. Fitch Goddard Describes New Stratosphere Plane 1
Two October Lectures Scheduled For Society 2
Rocket Articles Feature Recent Publications 3
Preliminary Rocket Experiments - An Outline For Rocket Experimenters 4
Lyon Preparing For Ambitious Rocket Shot 8
French High Altitude Plane Ready Soon 8
Interplanetary Exploration by Telescope Predicted 9
Presence ot Lunar Life Debated 9
13 November 1931
Laurence E. Manning Some Suggestions As to External Aid to Rocket Flight 1
Stratosphere Temperature High Declares Scientist 5
Opel Hints of New Rocket Explosive 6
Rocket Articles in Current Periodicals 6
Future Program of the Society 6
David Lasser The Rocket and the Next War 6
14 December 1931
G. Edward Pendray Recent Worldwide Advances in Rocketry 1
Tiling Makes 32,000 Feet Rocket Altitude Record 9 9
Advance Program of Society Meetings 9 9
Martians May Detect Earth MessaGes 9 9
Moon Flight May Cost $2,000,000,000 10
Piccard's Aide To Make Next Balloon Flight 10
15 January 1932
Clyde J. Fitch Soviet Engineers Constructing Two Rockets 1
Moon's Surface Chiefly Pumice 1
Future Program of the Society 2
Society's Rocket Approaching Completion 2
Smithsonian Reports Goddard's Progress 2
Nathan Schachner Can Man Exist on other Planets 3
Sunspots Help To Cool Earth 10
16 February 1932
C. P. Mason Principles of Interplanetary Navigation 1
New Discoveries Indicate Meteor Danger 5
Rare Atmospheric Gases Vital 6
Other Life in the Universe Possible 7
New Stratosphere Balloon Flight Planned 7
Secret Stratosphere Plane Approaching Completion 7
Future Program of the Society 8
William Lemkin Rocket Fuels and Their Possibilities 8
17 March 1932
G .Edward Pendray The Conquest of Space by Rocket 1
Clyde J. Fitch Society's Rocket to Meet Final Tests 7
Rocket Articles in Recent Periodicals 8
Schedule of Future Society Meetings 8
Editorial Commends Society's Work 8
Boothroyd Denies Meteor Danger 9
Tiling Plans Rocket Test 10
Study Falls of Cosmic Dust 10
18 April 1932
Alvin J. Powers A Theory of Gravitation and Planetary Evolution 1
Clyde J. Fitch Society's Rocket Undergoing Final Tests 7
Winkler Devises New Rocket 7
New Gauge Can Measure Top of Atmosphere 7
To Use Eclipse in Study of Heaviside Layer 7
Reports Venus Has 265-Mile Atmosphere 7
Interplanetary Communication Predicted 7
Society to Hold Third Annual Meeting 8
Conquest of Space to be Published In England 8
Moon's Effect on Radio Established 8
Martian Pole Most Habitable 8
19 May 1932
David Lasser Society Elects 1932-33 Officers 1
It Is Now Astronautics 1
Dr H.H. Sheldon The Control of Rocket Vehicles 1
David Lasser Automatic Rocket Control Foreshadowed 4
Tides In Air Explalned 4
Patent for Aircraft to Goddard 5
Venus Sounds High Radio Note 5
New Yorker Gets Rocket Patent 6
First Mail Rocket Flown 6
Was the Moon a Second Sun? 6
Report of the President of the American Interplanetary Society 7
20 June 1932
Dr Edmund Woodman Exploring the Stratosphere 1
David Lasser Earth's New Neighbors Intrigue 5
Inventor Expects 100-Mile Ascent 5
New Evidence Against Planet Vulcan 5
Astronomers Explain Lunar Rays 6
Ability to Withstand Acceleration Studied 6
Origin of World's Weather 7
Shooting Stars Show Wind Direction 7
A Searchlight to Reach the Moon 7
Round Table Discussion at Last Society Meeting 8
21 July 1932
Harry W. Bull Increasing the Range of the Rocket 1
David Lasser Goddard's Experiments to be Discontinued 4
New Astronaut Arrives 4
Thomas Norton & Laurence E. Manning The Physiology of Acceleration 4
David Lasser Carbon Dioxide Discovered in Atmosphere of Venus 6
Noel Deisch Latest Rocket Planes for the Stratosphere 7
22 August 1932September 1932
Willy Ley The Why of Liquid Propellants 1
David Lasser News of the Society 2
Pilots Can Fly Ten Miles 3
Astronomers Deny New Sun Gas 3
Piccard's Flight Dispels Cosmic Ray Danger 3
Astronomers Note Planetary Heat 3
Winkler Plans New Rocket Shot 4
Pacific Ocean Not Big Enough for Moon 4
Willy Ley On Rockets and Their History 5
23 October 1932
Noel Deisch Artificial Gravity for the Space Ship 1
David Lasser Device is Built to Find Planets 3
New Groups Begin Experimentation 4
Liquid Fuel Rocket Explodes 4
New Rocket Releases Wings at 8,000 Feet 4
New Theory of Planets Discussed 4
Rynln Completes Rocket Index 5
Third Most Speedy Tiny Planet Discovered 5
Willy Ley Chronological History of the Rocket (concluded) 5
24 November 1932- December 1932
G. Edward Pendray The History of the First AIS Rocket 1
David Lasser 1000 Mile P!ane Speed Near Test 5
Tiling Rocket Makes 2600-Foot Flight 6
Sun Not Older Than 755 Million Million Years 6
Joseph H. Kraus Liquid Oxygen 6
Beryllium's Strength Not Yet Measured 8
25 December 1932 - January 1933
G. Edward Pendray Leaves from a Rocketeer's Note-Book 1
David Lasser Report on German Experiments 5
Wings In the Stratosphere 6
Man-carrylng Rocket Planned 7
Recent Patents 8
Piccard Plans Rocket 8
26 [[May 1933
G. Edward Pendray The Flight of Experimental Rocket No. 2 1
Pictures of the Rocket Flight 11
Laurence E. Manning Becomes President 12
Samuel Lichtenstein Treasurers Report 15
Future Rocket Plans 16
27 October 1933
Three New Rockets Being Built 1
A Concentric Tank Rocket 2
Wing Landing Gear -- Four Nozzles 4
A New Type of Motor and Fuel Tank 6
28 March 1934
Laurence E. Manning A Message from President Manning 1
Society's Rockets Near Completion 2
Photos of Rocket No. 5 3
Photos of Rocket No. 4 5
Dictionary of Rocketry 7
The Forthcoming Annual Meeting 7
29 September 1934
American Rocket Society Experiments 2
Experimental Rocket No.3 2
Dr Goddard's Experiments 3
Cleveland Rocket Society's Plans 3
The Austrian Rocket Post 9
News of German Experimenters 9
30 October 1934 - November 1934
Alfred Africano, Bernard Smith, G. Edward Pendray TEST REPORT ON ROCKET NO. 3 5
31 June 1935
Gain in Membership Matches Striking Improvement in Experimental Technique 2
John Shesta Report on Rocket Tests 4
The Proving Stand In Action 6
Willy Ley Two Recent Books of Rocketry Reviewed 7
Russian Rocketors Reported Active 7
Bernard Smith Materials for Rocket Construction 8
Willy Ley and G. Edward Pendray Memorandum on the Mechanics of Rocket Flight 10
Nathan Carver Flame Data for Test Runs 12
32 October 1935
Peter van Dresser Editor's Foreword 2
Report Of Motor Tests Of June 2nd 3
Willy Ley The Story of European Rocketry 5
Alfred Africano The Velocity - Ratio Efficiency 10
Ernst Loebell The Cleveland Rocket Society 14
Noel Diesch The Nomenclature Of Rocketry 15
Willy Ley Two New Russian Books On Rockets 19
33 March 1936
News of Rocketry 2
Alfred Africano Report: on Rocket Motor Tests of August 25th 3
John Shesta Rocket: Fuels - An Experimenter Discusses Energy Sources 6
Peter van Dresser The Rocket Motor - A Survey of Known Types 9
Bernard Smith Materials for Rocket Construction - II 14
34 June 1936
Alfred Africano Empirical Rocket Design Formulas 2
The History of the REP-Hirsch Award 6
James H. Wyld The Problem of Rocket Fuel Feed 8
Robert A. Goodpasture The Laws of Rocket Motion 14
Peter van Dresser and Laurence E. Manning Literature of interest to the Student of Rocketry 17
Robert Uddenberg A Simplified Expression for Jet Reaction 19
35 October 1936
Eugen Sanger The Rocket Combustion Motor 2
James H. Wyld Fundamental Equations of Rocket Motion 13
Peter van Dresser Miscellanies of Rocketry 17
Literature of interest to the Student of Rocketry 18
Free Fall and the Human Organism 19
Alfred Africano Optical Determination of Jet Velocity 20
36 March 1937
Peter van Dresser Previewing the Aerological Rocket 2
Alexander Klemin On the Aerodynamic Principles of the Greenwood Lake Rocket Airplane 7
Alfred Africano The Build-Up Pressure of Enclosed Liquid Oxygen 9
Robert Uddenberg Concerning Velocity-Ratio Efficiency 10
James H. Wyld Fundamental Equations of Rocket Motion - Part II 12
Notes and News 17
Current Bibliography 19
Rocket Effect in Standard Airplane Performance 20
37 July 1937
G. Edward Pendray Notes and News 2
G. Edward Pendray Rocketry's Number One Man 3
G. Edward Pendray Goddard on Rockets 5
Charles Lindbergh Lindbergh on Rockets 8
H. Franklin Pierce Tube Motors 9
Constantine Paul Lent Spear Rocket 11
G. Edward Pendray Rocket Society Affiliates 12
Alfred Africano Rocket Motor Efficiency 13
G. Edward Pendray The Rocketor's Library 12
38 October 1937
G. Edward Pendray Notes and News 2
Specifications for a Rocket 3
Present Rocket Records 5
Letters To The Editor 8
Rocket Tests at Pawling 9
Alfred Africano Report on Model Flight Tests 10
The Rocketor's Library 12
H. Franklin Pierce The Rocketor's Workshop 13
39 January 1938
G. Edward Pendray Notes and News: Meetings 2
Pictorial Highlights of Rocketry 3
ARS Rocket No.1 4
ARS Rocket No.2 5
Gerhard Zucker: Spectacular end of a mail flight 6
Reinhold Tiling: The rockets of a great experimenter 7
Letters to the Editor: Meteorological instruments 8
Peter van Dresser Cosmecology and the Rocket 9
G. Edward Pendray Photos for Experimenters 12
John Shesta The Rocketor's Workshop 13
40 April 1938
G. Edward Pendray Notes and News: New officers 2
John Shesta Landing Gear Releases 3
Reinhold Tiling's Patented Design: How the German experimenter landed his rockets 6
Laurence E. Manning, Robert C. Truax, James H. Wyld, Nick Limber The Motor Takes the Spotlight 8
Alfred Africano Rocket Trips Into Space 13
John Shesta ARS No. 2 Proving Stand 15
Letters to the Editor 17
John Shesta The Rocketor's Workshop 18
41 July 1938
Schematic Diagram of GALCIT Proving Stand 1
G. Edward Pendray and Laurence E. Manning Notes and News: The Society's New Address; exhibits; what's going on abroad 2
Frank J. Malina Rocketry in California 3
Nathan Carver Electric Weather Instruments 7
G. Edward Pendray Recent Rocket Patents: Dr. Goddard patents a new motor 8
Peter van Dresser Dry Fuel Experiences 9
C. P. Mason Letters to the Editor 12
Roy Healy, H. Franklin Pierce The Rocketor's Workshop: Parachutes and how to use them; construction of rocket valves 13
42 February 1939
John Shesta, H. Franklin Pierce, James H. Wyld REPORT ON THE 1938 ROCKET MOTOR TESTS 2
James H. Wyld Experimental Rocket - Model 1939 11
Roy Healy, James Glazebrook NEWS AND NOTES 14
43 August 1939
A.R.S. Experimental Rocket NO. 3 at the New York World's Fair 1
Roy Healy, James Glazebrook NOTES AND NEWS 2
Roy Healy, James Glazebrook NEW EXPERIMENTAL PROGRAM 3
John W. Parsons and Edward S. Forman EXPERIMENTS WITH POWDER MOTORS 4
H. Franklin Pierce and John Shesta ROCKET RANGE FINDERS 12
Roy Healy, James Glazebrook THE AMERICAN ROCKET SOCIETY 13
Major R. Randolph, Alfred Africano REVIEWS OF TECHNICAL ARTICLES 14
44 November 1939
Alfred Africano New Model Stability Tests 1
Roy Healy, James Glazebrook NOTES AND NEWS 2
John Shesta Thermal Efficiency Overemphasis 7
James R. Glazebrook British Fly Rocket Plane 9
Arthur C. Clarke LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, War suspends work at BIS 10
Roy Healy The Rocketor's Workshop 11
Roy Healy, James Glazebrook The Rocketor's Library 13
45 April 1940
John Shesta Powder Flight Tests 3
Roy Healy Jet Propulsion for Take-off 4
G. Edward Pendray Rocket Power From Atoms? 9
J.M. Miller, Cedric Giles The Rocketry Forum 13
Thomas A. Terry, Nathan Carver Letters to the Editor, Cuba 15
46 July 1940
Alfred Africano 3" Rocket-Projectile For Aircraft 3
John Shesta Following The Rocket In Flight 6
John J. Yellot, James R. Glazebrook Professor Yellott On Nozzle Design 8
Lovell Lawrence Jr. The Rocketor's Workshop 9
Max Krauss State Of The Society 13
47 November 1940
Latest Goddard Motor: Patent reveals internal cooling method 1
Roy Healy Notes and News 2
A. Ananoff Rocketry In France 3
William T. Heyer Experiments in Outside Burning 7
Roy Healy Rocket Flights of Fancy 9
Bernard Smith Liquid Cooling for Rocket Motors:California Rocket Society starts experimental program 10
Louis Goodman, Nathan Carver Fuel Injection: Centrifugal and gas pressure feeding 12
George Mills Letters to the Editor 14
Roy Healy The Rocketor's Library 15
48 May 1941
Roy Healy Notes and News 2
Roy Healy Aerial Cannon and Rocket Shells 3
A. Ananoff Problems of the Reaction Engine 9
Cedric Giles Tank Pressures and Motor Efficiencies: 14
Bernard Smith Letters to the Editor 15
49 August 1941
John Shesta and Roy Healy Report on the June 8th Tests At Midvale 3
James H. Wyld and Charles T. Piecewiez Sound and Flame Observations 6
Roy Healy The Rocketor's Library 7
Cedric Giles The Nozzle-less Motor 8
George C. Putnam and Nathan Carver Plastic Rocket Shells 11
W.F. Pont Army Men Design AA Rocket 15
Nathan Carver Another Radio Control 16
50 October 1941
Roy Healy Notes and News: Jet propelled projectiles wanted by government 2
Roy Healy and John Shesta June 22 Motor Test Report 3
Alfred Africano The Africano Motor 7
Roy Healy Wyld Motor Retested 8
Roy Healy German Patents Rocket Motor: Heinkel 9
Roy Healy The Rocketor's Primer 11
Charles T. Piecewicz Lucite Fuel Tanks 14
Roy Healy The Rocketor's Library 15
51 December 1941
Roy Healy Notes and News 2
Edward F. Chandler Rockets for Defense: Mr. Chandler urges the return of the war rocket 3
John Shesta Thrust of Powder Rockets 6
Zbigniew Krzywoblocki Winged Rocket Bombs: Launching destruction from a distance 7
Robert Gordon Powder Tests of the California Rocket Society 10
52 May 1942
Roy Healy Notes and News 2
53 October 1942
Roy Healy Notes and News 2
Roy Healy The Black Powder Rocket Charge 3
Cedric Giles Engine Exhaust Propulsion 11
Charles T. Piecewicz A Modified Rocket Engine 13
Cedric Giles American Rocket Patents 14
Letters To The Editor 15
54 February 1943
Roy Healy Notes and News: Many nations engaged in rocket research 2
Cedric Giles Hydraulic Jet Propulsion: 3
Roy Healy Wire-Tailed Snare Rockets 8
J.A. Georges Australian Rocket Society 9
Roy Healy Valier Motor: Some facts regarding this German rocketeer 10
Keith Buchanan Combination Centrifugal Fuel Feed and Control Gyroscope 11
Charles T. Piecewicz and Gustav A. Kindsvogel Semi-Rocket Airfoil 12
Rocket Queries 13
Roy Healy Rocket Articles and Books: Eugen Sanger, Willy Ley 14
More Rocket Patents 15
Roy Healy Jet Propulsion Classifications 15
55 July 1943
Roy Healy Notes and News 2
Two New Rocket Weapons 3
Cedric Giles Jet Propelled Helicopters 5
Fairey Jet System 10
Book Reviews: S. Campini, Jules Verne 11
56 December 1943
Roy Healy Notes and News: Reports of rocket gliders 2
Roy Healy Nazi Rocket Weapons: A variety of jet propelled devices 3
Roy Healy Bazooka Details: More data on U.S. rocket gun 6
Roy Healy Russian Rocket Bomb 8
Cedric Giles Motor Actuated Fuel Feeds 9
Robert Gordon California Rocket Society 13
Constantin Paul Lent Jet Propelled Dirigible 14
57 March 1944
General News 2
Publication/Subscription/Member Data 2
Anglo-American Thermal Jet Plane: Designer Whittle Overcame Inertia, Discouragement 3
Roy Healy The Nazi Rocket Threat: Giant Projectiles Awaiting Invasion 4
Cedric Giles Rocket Power for Gliders: Auxiliary Units Seen Helpful in Warfare 7
Constantin P. Lent Spear Shaped Weather Rocket: Annular Nozzle Feature of Design 11
Hs 293 Rocket Glider Bomb: Use Against Allied Shipping Revealed 14
Robert L. Sternberg Electronic Spacial Rocket: Possibilities and Difficulties Outlined 15
58 June 1944
General News 2
Publication/Subscription/Member Data 2
Germany's Robot Bombs: New Type Rocket Bombs in Use 3
Cedric Giles Thrust Augmentors for Rockets: Greater Efficiency Through Air Ejector Tubes 4
The Rocketor's Primer: Test Stand Fundamental Formulas 13
Book Reviews 15
General News 16
Table of Contents 16
59 September 1944
General News 2
Publication/Subscription/Member Data 2
Airborne Rocket Projectiles: Fighter Planes Using Jet-Propelled Missiles 3
Cedric Giles The V-1 Robot Bomb: Details of the German Air Torpedo 4
Eric Burgess Rocket Experiments in Manchester: Pre-War Research by Amateur Group 6
Letter to Editor 13
Patents 14
Book Reviews 16
American Rocket Society News 16
60 December 1944
General News 2
Publication/Subscription/Member Data 2
American and British Jet Planes: A Description of the Bell Airacomet 3
Cedric Giles The Nazi V-Weapons: Long Range Rockets Now in Use 4
Laurence E. Manning Rockets and Pseudo-Rockets: Some Interesting Comments on Airstream Engines 8
Jet Assisted Takeoff: Army and Navy Using Jet Boosters 11
American Rocket Society News 12
Patents 15
Book Reviews 16
69 March 1947
Torrid Zone in Upper Atmosphere 1
Secret Guided Missile 3
Testing Naval Pilotless Aircraft 5
Aircraft Turbo-Jet and Prop-Jet Starter Systems 16
Supersonic and Transonic Aircraft Problems 24
Commercial Applications of Rocket Power 34
Book Reviews 36
Analysis of First Two American V-2 Flights 37
Rocket Powerplants For Aircraft 41
New Active Members 46
Four Gas Turbines Power XB-46 Bomber 46
Editorial Announcements 48
The Rocket Societies 49
70 June 1947
The Liquid Propellant Rocket Motor 2
Employment Opportunities 15
The Climate of More 16
Some Possibilities For Rocket Propellants — (Part II) 20
Letters To The Editor 32
A Contribution to the Levitation Problem 33
Temperature Problems of the Interplanetary Rocket 34
Evaluation of Several Mass-Ration Phases 35
Society News 38
General News 40
G. E. Flying Laboratories 41
G. E. Rocket Motor Test Station 42
New Navy Jet Fighter 43
List of Advertisers 44
Westinghouse Jet Engine 45
United States Patents 47
71 September 1947
Northrop Flying Wing — XB49 2
Limitations of Space Travel 3
Jet Engine "After burner" 7
Expansion Time Rate of Gases 8
The Story of the Nene 12
Guided Missile Rocket Power Plant Design and Installation Problems 16
Martin XB-48 22
Book Review 23
Society News 24
Annual Convention American Rocket Society 25
Ryan XFR-4 26
Allison Jet Engine - Model 400 27
Rocket Research of Dr. Robert H. Goddard 28
Editor's Note 45
72 December 1947
Thermochemistry of Rocket Propellants 2
Some Possibilities for Rocket Propellants 10
Liquid Propellant Rocket Power Plants 26
Liquid Rocket Motor Testing 45
73 March 1948
Rocket Motors Project Heavy Steel Cables 5
Present and Future of Rockets 9
The Acid-Aniline Rocket Engine 17
Metallurgical Aspects in the Design of Rocket Motors 31
Trends in Guided Missiles 35
The Mass-Ratio Problem 37
ARS Business Meeting 41
ARS Engineering News 44
74 June 1948
Robert H. Goddard—Father of Modern Rocketry 53
Honors to Dr. Goddard 59
The Pioneer Rocket Project of the U.S. Navy 62
Rocket on Rails 66
GE Opens Test Facilities for Jet-Propelled Helicopters 69
Isothermal Expansion in Nozzles 71
New Laboratory for Jet-Engine Components 74
ARS Activities 76
ARS Engineering News 78
76 March 1949
H. L Dryden Rockets as Research Tools in Aeronautics 3
L. G Bonner Metal Parts for Solid Propellant Rockets 9
J. L. B. Selwood Some Observations on the Problems of Rocket-Motor Cooling Design 16
Eugen Saenger The Prospects of Jet-Reaction Flight 27
U. S. Rocket Development 42
ARS Elects First Fellow Member 43
Jet Propulsion Centers and Fellowships Announced 44
ARS News 47
77 June 1949
C. H. Harry Investigation of Some Parameters Affecting Over-All Rocket Performance 51
Eugen Sanger The Prospects of Jet-Reaction Flight—Part II 59
H. V. Schenck, Jr An Hydraulic Analog of Flow Through Supersonic Nozzles 75
A. Bernstein, F. D. Liner, N. Y. Rothmayer, and A. Sherman Design and Experimentation on a Basic Rocket Engine, 79
P. G. Couperus A Charging Value for Compressed-Air Rocket Models 90
ARS News 94
79 December 1949
Joseph Friedman A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Rocket-Motor Sweat Cooling 147
R. E. Gibson Supersonic Guided Missiles (Part II) 153
Frederick A Maxfield Torpedo-Propulsion Systems 166
ARS Fourth Annual Convention 185
ARS News 190
80 March 1950
Ralph Bloom, Jr., Noah S. Davis, Jr. and Samuel D. Levine Hydrogen Peroxide as a Propellant 3
G. E. Simpson Handling of Liquid Oxygen 18
Douglas H. Ross Nitrogen Tetroxide as an Oxidizer in Rocket Propulsion 24
Luigi Crocco Instruction and Research in Jet Propulsion 32
American Rocket Society News 44
81 June 1950
Hsue-shen Tsien Instruction and Research at the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Jet Propulsion Center 51
Robert Gordon Heat-Transfer Problems in Liquid-Propellant Rocket Motors 65
Martin Suminerfield Fundamental Problems in Rocket Research 79
ARS News 98
83 December 1950
A. L. Stanly Some Statistical Considerations of the Jet Alignment of Rocket-Powered Vehicles 155
Richard F. Gompertz Rocket-Engine Flight Testing 169
ARS 1950 Annual Convention 177
ARS 1950 Honors Recipients 187
ARS News 194
84 March 1951
Fritz Zwicky Tasks We Face 3
C. C. Ross Principles of Rocket-Turbopump Design 21
C. J. Peirce and W. P. Berggren Ballistics Program at Ohio State University 34
ARS News 39
85 June 1951
P. F. Winternitz and D. Horvitz Rocket Propellant Performance and Energy of the Chemical Bond 51
Marvin Meyer Throttling Thrust-Chamber Control 68
Lieut. Comdr. F. C. Durant, III, U.S.N.R. The Naval Air Rocket Test Station—Purpose and Progress 74
W. R Sheridan Expellant Bags for Rocket Propellant Tanks 80
C. W. Tait, A. G. Whittaker, and H. Williams Measurement of the Burning Rate of Liquid Propellants 83
ARS News 88
Book Review 92