Cold War Tech War - by Randall Whitcomb

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Cold War Tech War explores the geo-political, technical and economic aspects of the Avro Canada story. Author Randall Whitcomb reveals for the first time anywhere several exciting design proposals of the Avro company while putting the company and its technology into an international context. Global intelligence angles are explored from pre-WW II through the Cold War period. Focus is on bi-lateral issues with the Americans, with some pertinent American statesmen and industrialists receiving special attention for their roles in issues at the heart of our story. Recently released official information on the Avro C-102 Jetliner and CF-105 Arrow present their cancellations in a new light. Over a half-Century of deception by various governments, intelligence agencies and individuals is documented and given relevance in view of today's geo-political mileau. As in the author's first book, Avro's engineering is shown to have been visionary--and still inspiring in the 21st Century.