Conquest of Space (The) - by David Lasser

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David Lasser stands as one of the least-known but extraordinary pioneers of spaceflight. In 1930 he founded the American Interplanetary Society (today's AIAA) - the same year he wrote this book - the first book ever written in the English language to address the notion of spaceflight as a serious possibility. This book has not been in print since 1931 and yet it still stands up to scrutiny. The lucid style with which Lasser explains the basic concepts of rocketry make it a delight for anyone to read. Only a handful of errors creep into the text and all of those were based on the best information available at the time. The Conquest of Space is a milestone work of spaceflight literature and was state of the art in 1931. No space enthusiast's library is complete without it. Comes with a Foreword by Arthur C. Clarke.