Contents of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society for Volume 23

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Volume 23 - 1970

Author Co-Authors Title Page
GODWIN, R. C. and WEARMOUTH, C. The European Launch Vehicle—Its Potential and Use 1
FRANCIS, R. H. Space Ferry Systems 19
BONO, P. Expendable Solid and Reusable Liquid Systems in Post-Saturn Propulsion 31
CONTZEN, J. P. Potentialities of Non-Chemical Propulsion in Europe 55
LORD, W. T., et al. Electric Propulsion by Resistojets 65
LANGTON, N. H. A Note on the Meteoroid Hazard 79
MARTIN, E. J. and KLEIN, P. I. The Application of Space Techniques to International Aviation. . . 85
STOCKWELL, B. The Spot III System. 105
PRITCHARD, W. L. and PUENTE, J. G. The Advantages of Demand Assignment for International Satellite Communication Systems 125
QUAGLIONE, G. Design Considerations of the Installation at Fucino for Telemetry and Telecontrol of Intelsat Satellites 137
DENBIGH, P. N. Progress of L-Band Aerosat Transponders. 159
GUTKIN, A. M., et al. Adsorptive Mechanism for Loss of the Moon's Atmosphere 165
PORTER, J. Satellite Attitude and Orbit Control Systems based on Hydrazine or Ammonia 169
PARIS, R. B. and VERMEULEN, P. J. The Interaction of a Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field on a Moving Plasma. 189
BONO, P. Rocket-Sled Launching for Reusable Ballistic Transport Systems . 211
Di BENEDETTO, F. and GRATTON, L. A Wide Field Astronomical Project . 227
SHTEINBERG, G. S. On the Origin of the Large Lunar Craters and Circular Maria . 237
BURNETT, E. S. The Earth Resources Observation Satellite Program. 251
KELLER, D. W. Earth Resources Satellite Systems. 257
BURNETT, E. S. Tangible Results Achieved by Earth Observation Satellites to Date . 275
HUME, C. R. The Tiros M Satellite in an ERTS Role 285
MILLER, D. E. The Measurement of Ozone from a Satellite. 291
ALLUM, J. A. E. Assessment of Satellite Photographs for Geological Mapping and Research 297
SIBILA, A. I. Small Payload Potential for Earth Resources. 307
GROTEN, E. The Contribution of Satellite Geodesy to the Determination of the Figure and the Internal Constitution of the Earth 325
LAING, R. W. and PARDOE. G. K. C. Remote Observation of Earth Resources 329
OTTERMAN, J. Problems in Photometric Analysis of Imagery from Satellites 349
COURTES, G. Quantitative One-Emulsion or One-TV-Tube Colorimetry of the Earth 357
BICKMORE, D. P. Exact Automatic Cartography. 363
OTTERMAN, J. and BACHOFER, B. T. Considerations in Choosing the Orbit for an Earth Resources Survey Satellite. 369
HUGHES, W. G. and BARNES, M. B. Techniques for Earth-pointing Attitude Control of a Spacecraft 385
FRITH, R. The Earth's Atmosphere 405
DENBIGH, P. N. Techniques and Errors of Balloon Location by Low-Orbit Meteorological Satellites 409
SCHENKEL, F. W. Design Consideration for Infrared Imaging in the 10-12.6 Micron Band from a Synchronous Altitude Earth Satellite. 423
WILLIAMS, Jr., R. S. and FRIEDMAN, J. D. Satellite Observation of Effusive Volcanism 441
PERRY, G. E. and FLAGG, R. S. Telemetry from Russian Spacecraft. 451
GURK, HERBERT M. Television Systems for Earth Resources Satellite 469
WATRASIEWICZ, B. M. and BARTON, M. P. Speculations on the Application of Pattern Recognition Techniques to Earth Resource Satellite Data 487
ANAND, D. K. and JETER, S. A. Passive Radiation Coolers for Infrared Sensors 495
STEHLING, KURT R. Remote Sensing of the Oceans. 509
MOLTON, P. Biological Aspects of Long-Term Space Flight. 515
HANESSIAN Jr., J. International Aspects of Earth Resources Survey Satellite Programs 533
KULKARNI, V. M. D. A Methodical Approach to the Interpretation of Spacecraft Photography of Humid Areas 559
GAGE, M. J. W. The Guidance of Satellite Launcher Vehicles with Particular Reference to the ELDO Vehicle 565
MAKAY, A. J. R. The ELDO Launcher High Energy Upper Stages. 583
MIDGLEY, P. Structural Materials for Use at Cryogenic Temperatures. 597
MOSS, T. S., et al. An Appraisal of Radio Frequency Plasma Thrusters for Satellite Use 607
DAVIES, L. Comment on Weight Loss during Manned Space Missions . 651
CROSS, C. A. On the Origin of Large Lunar Craters and Circular Maria. 659
TONKIN, S. W. Despun Nutation Dampers on Spinning Satellites. 661
FREE, B. A. Satellite Raising to Synchronous Orbit. 669
LAURY, L. Magnetic Unloading of Reaction Wheels in a Satellite in Equatorial or Small Inclination Orbit 691
BHATTACHARYA, R. N. and BHATTACHARJEE, J. Small-Thrust Steering Programme for Optimal Transfer between Circular Orbits. 707
ZHURAVLEV, S. G. Perturbation of the Orbital Elements of a Synchronous Satellite Moving in the Earth's Non Central Gravity Field 717
TIMOTHY, ADRIENNE F. and TIMOTHY, J. G. Instrumentation for Solar Extreme Ultra-Violet and Soft X-ray Photometry. 725
HAMMERSCHLAG, A. Structural Design of Astronomical Instruments for Use in Spacecraft 741
NOZAWA, YASUSHI. Problems Encountered during Development of an Astronomical Television System for an Earth-Orbiting Observatory 759
OLIVIER, J. R. and WOLBERS, H. L. Earth Orbital Space Astronomy. 771
de DOMBAL, F. T. Ground-Based Medical Supervision of Crew Members during Extended Space Missions 789
CHOUDHURY, A. M. Injection of the Solar Wind in the Magnetosphere 799
BAHADUR, KRISHNA and RANGANAYAKI, S. The Photochemical Formation of Self-Sustaining Coacervates 813
SCHACH, MILTON. Space Experimental Thermal Design 830