Contents of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society for Volume 24

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Volume 24 - 1971

Author Co-Authors Title Page
Vol. 24 No. 1 January 1971
T. T. Walters The Future of PCM Telemetry in Sounding Rockets 1
B. Bates D. A. McBride, M. W. McDowell, C. D. McKeith and N. E. McKeith High Resolution Spectroscopy of the Middle IN Solar Spectrum 13
C. V. Goodall J. H. Wager Improved Diagnostic Techniques for Measuring Electron Densities and Electron Temperatures in the Ionosphere 27
E. J. Becklake Laser Radar Techniques for the Investigation of the Upper Atmosphere: a Review 33
R. D. Swift The UK 3 Spacecraft Support Sting 45
Book Reviews 55
Book Notices 61
Correspondence 64
Vol. 24 No. 2 February 1971
J. W. Furst The Impact Dispersion of Sounding Rockets 65
G. B. Stallard Skylark Data Reduction 73
J. W. Furst The Application of Thrust Vector Control to the Skylark Vehicle 79
P. Sanz-Aranguez Sanz Development of the INTA-255 Sounding Rocket 87
K. Zdarsky Development of Techniques for Recovery from the Sea 93
J. Porter An Evaluation of Satellite Thermal Control Surfaces using a British National Space Technology Satellite 99
A. J. R . Mackay Preliminary Design of a Telescope-Dome 117
Book Reviews 125
Book Notices 127
Vol. 24 No. 3 March 1971
R. E. Griffiths A Review of Cosmic X-Ray Astronomy 129
W. T. Fisher The Development of 'Petrel' 139
J. B. Hilton Petrel Payload Design, Balance and Testing 151
N. Rogers C. D. Papworth Petrel Performance and Facilities 161
G.G.E. Lewis Recent Developments in the Skylark Sounding Rocket 175
Book Reviews 183
Book Notices 189
JBIS Notices 191
Vol.24 No.4 April 1971
D. Ortlieb R. Kapp Dispersion Reduction by Canard Control 193
H. Hauser The Parachute Recovery System RESY 203
C. Rose H. U. Widdel An Altimeter/Telemetry System for Small Sounding Rockets 209
G. Rose H. U. Widdel and R. Bochers A Mesosphere Payload to measure the Concentration and Mobility of Positive and Negative Ions in the Height Range between 72 and 40 km 215
David Rees Ionospheric Winds in the Auroral Zone 233
A.K. Mukhamedzhanov The Nature of the Lunar Seismic Echo 247
Book Reviews 251
Book Notices 254
JBIS Notices 256
Vol. 24 No. 5 May 1971
R. H. Francis European Small Shuttle Linked to Post-Apollo 257
D. Leverington An Appraisal of an Aeronautical Satellite System 263
A. G. Holmes-Siedle W. J. Poch The Design of a Weather Satellite for the Radiation Environment A Case History 273
A. K. Brookman A High Accuracy Fine Sun Sensor 289
H. Hiller Optimum Arrangements or Clusters of Identical Rocket Motors 307
Book Notices 317
Correspondence 319
MIS Notices 320
Vol. 24 No. 6 June 1971
D. W. Collinson Investigations of the Moon's Past Magnetic Field 321
R. Hastings Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Spacecraft Propane Boiler System 329
H.J.B. Paxton R. F. Turner The Design of a Rocket-Borne Cassegrain Telescope 353
Book Notices 363
JBIS Notices 368
Vol.24 No. 7 July 1971
J. G. Walker Some Circular Orbit Patterns Providing Continuous Whole Earth Cover 369
Anthony E. Martin Electron-Bombardment Ion Source Performance Limits 385
C. T. Farr Broadband Determination of Sky Brightness from a Skylark Sounding Rocket 393
M. Vertregt Theory of the Step Rocket 409
Book Notices 431
Vol. 24 No. 8 August 1971
N. Simmons The ERTS Programme and International Co-operation 433
R. G. Slaniforth X4 Satellite Current Design Features and Application 443
Alfred I. Sibila Howard J. Curfman, Jr The Role of Small Satellites in Space Applications Missions 451
A. P. Vinogradov Preliminary Data on the Lunar Soil Brought to Earth by Automatic Probe Luna 16 475
Book Notices 496
Vol. 24 No.9 September 1971
D. M. Wales H. G. Walter The Orbit Computation for the IRIS Satellite 497
J. Hamlet Low Cost Ground Stations 511
D. Lennertz The ESRO Aeronautical Satellite Programme 521
W.J. McKillip High Temperature Polymers 533
W. J. McKillip Reinforced Plastics 547
Book Notices 557
Vol. 24 No. 10 October 1971
C. R. Hume R. Miller and R. J. Treadwell Long-Life Spacecraft Tape Recorders 561
B. P. Day D. G. Fearn and G. E. Burton Ion Engine Development at the Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough 573
T. M. B. Wright A Satellite Navigation System for General Aviation and Marine Use 591
W. J. McKillip Polymers in Space 603
Book Notices 621
JBIS Notices 624
Vol. 24 No. 11 November 1971
W. Nellessen E. L. Heacock Feasibility Study of a Polar Orbiting European Meteorological Operational Satellite 625
David Rees Global Temperature and Density Structure in the Lower Thermosphere 643
W. J. McKillip Adhesives 659
Conference Reports 685
Book Notices 688
Vol.24 No. 12 December 1971
A. K. Jefferis Technical Factors in the Commercial Use of Communication Satellites 689
G. R. Welti S. H. Durrani Specialized Telecommunications Services for Earth Observation and Maritime Mobile Systems 693
G. Quaglione E. Vitali The Use of L Band in a Satellite System for Aiding Air Navigation 707
I. Edwards R.E. W. Jansson Gasdynamics of Resistojets 729
Book Notices 743
Author Index 745
Subject Index 747