Contents of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society for Volume 26

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Volume 26 - 1973

Author Co-Authors Title Page
Vol. 26 No.1 January 1973
D. G. Humphries The Choice of a Space Tug 1
Dr. J. A. Rolfe The Development of the Waxwing Motor for Black Arrow 7
D. Rickeard A One-Dimensional Flow Model for an Air-Augmented Rocket 17
K. Ernsberger F. Lieu and N. Rau The Attitude Measuring System of the AFROS Satellite 28
Dr. G. J. Jenkins An IRIG FM-FM Telemetry System for the Petrel Sounding Rocket 46
Astronomical Notebook 51
Book Reviews 61
Book Notices 64
Vol. 26 No. 2 February 1973
C R. Flume D. S. Bond Communications Satellites and the International Communications Industry 65
B. R. K. Pfeiffer P. Viellard The Experimental Telecommunication Satellite Project Symphonie 77
M. O'Hagan The Aeronautical Satellite Programme: ATC Aspects 90
D.D. Hardy Prospero Orbital Operations 97
Heinz Schropl Claus-Jurgen Reimers The Double Gimballed DRALLRAD and Its Possible Use for Three-Axis-Stabilization of Application Satellites 106
Astronomical Notebook 114
Conference Report 124
Book Notices 127
Vol. 26 No. 3 March 1973
R. F. Maurice Management Aspects of the Development of the Ariel 4 Satellite 129
C. V. Goodall J. Wall and H. D. Hopkins The Electron Density Experiment On-Board the Ariel 4 Satellite 135
B. R. Young The Automatic Checkout of the Prospero Satellite 148
L.Smith K. McDonald Data Conditioning System of the Prospero Satellite 153
G. K. Perry J. D. Slater and Isabel J. Perry Measurements of Spin Rate of the Prospero Satellite 167
R. G. Staniforth A Report on the Status of X4 170
D. J. McLauchlan Development of the UK5 Satellite 174
Astronomical Notebook 180
Book Reviews 188
Vol. 26 No. 4. April 1973
R. F. Chinnick The Canadian Telecommunications Satellite System 193
H J. King R. L. Poeschel An Ion Thruster Module for Primary Propulsion Systems 203
R. Holdaway R. E. W. Jansson The Feasibility of Geostationary Emplacement of Satellites by Solar Electric Tug 220
G. J. Davison R. H. Merson The Effect of Direct Solar Radiation on the Attitude of the SKYNET Spacecraft 225
P.J. Conchie The Role of the Project Manager in the Management of Satellite Projects 242
Astronomical Notebook 246
Book Reviews 253
Correspondence 255
Vol. 26 No. 5. May 1973
W. P. Robins M. Salter A Communications Satellite System for Europe 257
R. E. Fudge R. J. Ballantine and A. J. Bayliss Communications Aspects of Broadcast TV Satellites 266
R. G. Brusch T. E. Reed Real-time Launch Vehicle Steering Programme Selection 279
F. McL. Monett Systematic Analysis of Perturbations of Orbits - The Case of Drag 291
Astronomical Notebook 305
Space Report 310
Conference Report 314
Excursion to Moscow 316
Book Reviews 317
Book Notices 319
Vol. 26 No. 6. June 1973
C. Harries G. J. Cooper Small Shipborne Satellite Terminals for the Royal Navy. 321
Conley Powell Ottfried J. Hahn Propulsion System Optimization for interstellar Probes 334
P.M. Bainum Gravity - Gradient Stabilization of Synchronous Orbiting Satellites - Additional Considerations of Attitude Stability 343
J. A. Holt The Application of Kalman Filtering to the Attitude Determination of Spinning Space Vehicles . 348
Astronomical Notebook 369
Space Science and Technology Report 374
Vol. 26 No. 7. July 1973
P. Molton J. C. Gilbert Photochemical Reactions in the Jovian Atmosphere 385
R. E. Fenton A Future Maritime Distress Svstem Based on Satellite Technology 408
G. W. Hoover A Fundamental Methodology for Planning and Management of Research and Development Programmes 421
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 427
G. Falworth Objects in Areocentric Orbit - 1 433
Space Report 436
Conference Report 438
Book Reviews 440
Book Notices 444
Correspondence 447
Vol. 26 No. 9 September 1973
W. Haddock R. C Imm L-Band Transponder for Aeronautical/ Maritime Satellites 513
J. Bretting The Development of Satellite Travelling-Wave Tubes 521
B. N. F Eddleston Thermal Design and Analysis Aspects of Advanced Communication Spacecraft 533
B. Cotlins X4 Spacecraft - Mechanical Aspects 546
R. G. Hathaway Fabrication Methods for Beryllium Space-craft Components 552
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 558
Space Report 565
Book Reviews 575
Vol. 26 No. 10 October 1973
J. L. van Generen The Use of Skylab and ERTS data in an Integrated Natural Resources development Programme 577
W. Schenkel An Automatic Self Deployable High Attenuation Light Shade for Spaceborne Sensors 589
P. J. McKenzie Structural Review of the Space Shuttle 597
A. Papoff G. Romani and T. Matitti Rendezvous and Docking Radar System Study 606
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 622
Space Report 626
Spacecraft Summaries 631
Book Review 638
Book Notices 639
Vol. 26 No. 11 November 1973
D. K. Anand Attitude Performance of Some Passively Stabilized Satellites 641
P. G. Mutt Mapping From ERTS 1 Imagery 662
R. B. Painter Satellites - What they can Offer Hydrology? 667
O. Kolbl Combined Restitution of Aerial and Satellite Photographs for Topographic Mapping 677
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 688
Space Report 694
Conference Report 698
Satellite Listings 702
Vol. 26 No. 12 December 1973
D. Clouston Structural and Mechanical Aspects of ESRO IV 705
Abraham Finket Frederick W. Schenkel A Star Sensor for Attitude Determination 715
J. Plevin An Earth Resources Aircraft Facility 728
Anthony R. Martin Design and Operation of an Ion Engine Using the Rare Gases 742
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 753
Book Reviews 758
Correspondence 760
1973 Index 761