Contents of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society for Volume 29

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Volume 29 - 1976

Author Co-Authors Title Page
SPACE COMMUNICATIONS Vol. 29 No. 1 January 1976

D. J. Withers The Problem of Growth in the Intelsat System 3
W. M. Lovell The Skynet System, the Satellite Communications Network Built in Britain 19
R. Metzer Station-Keeping for Symphonic 40
J. L. Jankovich Business and Politics: The Challenge and Opportunities of Satellites and Communications 57

INTERSTELLAR STUDIES Vol. 29 No. 2 February 1976
H. R. Martinson Project Daedalus: Astronomical Data on Nearby Stellar Systems 76
Anthony R. Martin Project Daedalus: The Ranking of Nearby Stellar Systems for Exploration 94
Alan Bond Anthony R. Martin Project Daedalus: The Mission Profile 101
G. Vulpetti Fisson Engine Model: Data Processing and Improvement 113
Conley Powell System Optimisation for the Ram-Augmented Interstellar Rocket 136
Conference Report 143
Erratum 144
SPACE TECHNOLOGY Vol. 29 No. 3 March 1976
Jesco von Puttkamer Developing Space Occupancy: Perspectives on NASA Future Space Programme Planning 147
J. A. R. Anstey Real Time Control of Miranda 174
P. Burton Pocket Astrodynamics 185
Eduard lgenbergs On the Simultaneous Operation of a Combination of Chemical and Electrical Rocket Engines 195
Space Report 211
Book Reviews 215
J. M. Torin Fault Tolerant Computing in Satellites 219
G. F. Osborne Dynamic Analysis of Skynet II Spacecraft 232
J. Menzel Data Management Considerations for Shuttle/Spacelab Utilization 246
V. H. C. M. Evers ANS On-Board Software: Functional Integration as a Key to Unattended Spacecraft Operation 255
Adrian J. Hooke ln-Flight Utilization of the Mariner 10 Spacecraft Computer 273
Space Report 286
Digest of Technical Literature 288
Charles Dorian, et al MARISAT: Design and Operational Aspects 291
C. E. Perry C. D. Wood Identification of a Navigation Satellite System within the Cosmos Programme 307
D. McLauchlan R. Staniforth MAROTS Communication Satellite 317
J. J. Robinson Aeronautical Satellites - Progress Report on the Joint Aerosat Evaluation Programme 321
R. Craig Telecommunications via Satellite - An A.P.O. Study 325
R C Collette The European Communication Satellite Programme and the Orbital Test Satellite 335
J. B. Lagarde Communications Satellites, Dreams for Engineers? Gluttons for Government Funds? Money Makers? 354
Satcom News 360
D. C. Thomas A Possible Data Handling System for a Scientific Spacecraft 363
J. A. Hanje A Modularized Computer System for European Space Projects 387
M. D. Waterman Guidance Law for the Ariane On-Board Computer 402
A. J. Rogers The Ariel 5 Post Launch Control and Data Handling System 408
V. H. C. M. Evers Operational Experience with the ANS On-Board Computer 417
Gordon R. Bolton The Computer System for Spacelab 429
INTERSTELLAR STUDIES Vol. 29 Nos. 7 & 8 July - August 1976
James R. Wertz The Human Analogy and the Evolution of Extraterrestrial Civilisations 445
N. H. Langton The Probability of Contact with Extraterrestrial Life 465
T. B. Tang Supernovae as Time Markers in interstellar Communication 469
Gregory L. Matloff Alphonsus J. Fennelly Optical Techniques for the Detection of Extrasolar Planets: A Critical Review 471
Reynir Eyjolfsson Cyanogenic Compounds and their Possible Significance Concerning the Origin of Life 482
A. J. Fennelly, et al Some Solar System Applications of an Interstellar Ion Scoop 489
Eugene F. Mallove, et al Bibliography of Interstellar Travel and Communication - August 1975 Update 494
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 518
Book Reviews 530
SPACE COMMUNICATIONS Vol. 29 No. 9 September 1976
Roy Gibson European Space Applications 539
H. Schussler Offshore Platform Communications Via Satellite: A Future European Space Applications Programme 549
J. E. Keigler C R. Hume The RCA Satcom Satellite 556
Alan Brown Some Aspects of Planning of the 12 GHz Band for Satellite Broadcasting 569
T. M. B. Wright SPAS – The Space-Borne Angle Beacon 577
Dr. D. Rother Use of the Spacelab for Technological Tasks, Especially Communications and Navigation 583
Marc Reynier Telecommunication Satellite Three Axis Control with Redundant Reaction Wheels and On-Board Digital Computer 593
Satcom News 608
INTERSTELLAR STUDIES Vol. 29 No. 10 October 1976
Robert L. Forward A Programme for Interstellar Exploration 611
Enrico J. Coffey Life: Its Definition and Some Consequences 633
G Vulpetti Series-Staged Spaceship Powered by Fission Engines: Overall Payload-Optimal Control Problem Statement 641
G. Vulpetti Series Staged Spaceship Powered by Fission Engines: Display and Discussion of the Results 657
SPACELAB Vol. 29 No. 11 November 1976
H. E. W. Hoffman Technical Description of Spacelab 683
Dr. C. E. Cheeseman Spacelab: A New Era in Communications R&D Project Management 695
James T. Murphy Development and Integration of Spacelab Payloads 709
Dr. C. Greger Spacelab Principles for Extended Use in Space 724
A. Lebeau D. J. Shaptand and J. Collet The Potential of Spacelab for Space Applications Missions and the Organisation For Its Use 729
Dr. D. Davidts Dr. E. H. Velten and Prof. Dr. J. Bodechtel Spacelab as an Experimental Platform for the Development of Operational Earth Observation Systems 743
Dr. W. Hepp The Possibilities of Spacelab for Solving Medical Problems 755
Book Review 760