Contents of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society for Volume 55

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Volume 55

Author Co-Authors Title Page
G. Tolkowsky Terra Incognita - Cosmological Theory and Space Colonization 2-7
C.S. Cockell et al C. S. Cockell; M. Lee Interstellar Predation 8-20
P.S. Clark Final Equator Crossings and Landing Sites of CIS Satellites 21-34
A.A. Siddiqi The Almaz Space Station Complex - A History 1964-1992 - Part 2 1976-1992 35-67
S. Fawkes The Application of Intelligent Building Technologies to Space Hotels 68-72
C.R. McInnes Non-Keplerian Orbits for Mars Solar Reflectors 74-84
P.K. Ness Spide-Ravine Models and Plant-Like Features on Mars - Possible Geophysical and Biogeophysical Modes of Origin 85-108
C. Maccone et al C. Maccone; L. Bussolino The Trojan Asteroids as Bases to Monitor other Asteroids Potentially Dangerous for Earth 109-114
S. Santoli A Lab-on-Chip Design for Miniature Autonomous Bio-Chemoprospecting Planetary Rovers 115-130
G. Genta et al G. Genta; G. Vulpetti Some Considerations on Sun Gravitational Lens Missions 131-136
H.E. Puthoff et al H. E. Puthoff; S. R. Little; M. Ibison Engineering the Zero-Point Field and Polarizable Vacuum for Interstellar Flight 137-144
P. Collins Towards Space Tourism - The Challenge for British Space Policy 148-159
M.H. Harrison The Popular Commercialisation of Space - Human Factor Issues 160-164
K.M. Wright Spaceflight - Reducing the Risks 165-172
R. Barclay et al R. Barclay; R. Brooks In Situ Preservation of Historic Spacecraft 173-181
M.O. van Pelt Orbital Space Tourism - Affordable Ticket Prices in the Near Future 182-187
D. Sivier Live from the Mars Hotel - Space Locations and the Film Industry 188-192
P. S. Clark Israel's Ofeq 3 and the EROS Satellites 193-201
P.S. Clark Launch and Recovery Times of Russian Photoreconnaissance Satellites 202-216
P.S. Clark Chinese Satellites - Status Report at the End of 2001 218-221
B. Harvey Project 863 222-225
P. S. Clark The Feng Bao-1 Launch Vehicle Programme 226-235
P.S. Clark Orbital Manoeuvres of Chinas Zi Yuan Satellites 236-240
B. Hendrickx The Origins and Evolution to the Energiya Rocket Family 242-278
C.R. McInnes The Light Cage Limit to Interstellar Expansion 279-284
J.N. Gardner Assessing the Computational Potential of the Eschaton - Testing the Selfish Biocosm Hypothesis 285-288
C.S. Cockell The Trans-Mars Expedition - A Long-Distance, Long-Duration Scientific EVA 291-306
C.R. McInnes Minimum Mass Solar Shield for Terrestrial Climate Control 307-311
B. Hendrickx The Kamanin Diaries 1969-1971 312-360
C.S. Cockell Radio-Agriculture - Ground and Space-Based Determination of Agricultural Productivity 362-365
R.L.S. Taylor Space Tourism - The Moon and the Popular and Commercial Exploitation of Space 366-382
M.J. Harris Limits from CGRO-EGRET Data on the use of Antimatter as a Power Source by Extraterrestrial Civilizations 383-393
K. Vulkov A Mechanical Principle for Acquisition of useful Power on a Celestial Body Through Utilisation of its Planetary Precession 394-397
V.D. Kuznetosv et al V. D. Kuznetsov; V. N. Oraevsky Polar-Ecliptic Patrol (PEP) for Solar Studies and Monitoring of Space Weather 398-403
O.H. Przybilski The Germans and the Development of Rocket Engines in the USSR 404-427