Contents of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society for Volume 58

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Volume 58

Author Co-Authors Title Page
F.H. Cocks et al F. H. Cocks; C. M. Harman; P. A. Klenk; W. N. Simmons Hypervelocity Launching and Frozen Fuels as a Major Contribution to Spaceflight 2-8
V. Lappas et al V. Lappas; B. Wie; C. McInnes; L. Tarabini; L. Gomes; K. Wallace A Solar Kite Mission to Study the Earths Magneto-Tail 9-18
V. Lappas et al V. Lappas; J. van der Ha; S. Schwartz; C. I. Underwood; A. da Silva Curiel NACON - A Nano-Satellite Constellation for Space Weather Monitoring 19-27
C.S. Cockell The Unsupported Transpolar Assault on the Martian Geographic North Pole 28-33
A. Kangi The Mechanism of Valles Marineris Formation 34-39
M.A.G. Michaud Broadening and Simplifying the First SETI Protocol 40-42
J Deardorff et al J. Deardoff; B. Haisch; B. Maccabee; H. E. Puthoff Inflation-Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation 43-50
G.L. Matloff et al G. L. Matloff; A. R. Martin Suggested Targets for an Infrared Search for Artifricial Kuiper Belt Objects 51-61
M.M. Cirkovic Permanence - An Adaptationist Solution to Fermis Paradox 62-70
M.L. Shmatov The Typical Number of Antiprotons Necessary to Heat the Hot Spot in the D-T Fuel Doped with U 74-81
A. Pathan A Geometric Derivation and a Solution of Barkers Equation for the Time of Flight Along Parabolic Trajectories 82-89
J. Knapman Dynamically Supported Launcher 90-102
B. Parkinson Partial Beanstalks for Mars Exploration 197-200
B. Parkinson Evolutionary Scenarios for the Human Exploration of Mars 201-205
S. Baxter Mars the Recording Angel - Traces of Extra-Martian Events in Polar Layered Terrain 206-210
B.L. Tang Many Possibilities for Life's Emergence 218-222
Y. Xu Lyapunov Robust Control for the Coupled Large Angle Relative Trajectory Following Problem 223-230
T. Sato et al T. Sato; H. Taguchi; H. Kobayashi; T. Kojima Development Study of Mach 6 Turbojet Engine with Air-Precooling 231-240
J.R. Olds et al J. R. Olds; D. McCormick; A. Charania; L. Marcus Space Tourism: Making it Work for Fun and Profit 241-256
D.G. Fearn The Application of Gridded Ion Thrusters to High Thrust, High Specific Impulse Nuclear-Electric Missions 257-267
R. Walker et al R. Walker; D. Izzo; C. de Negueruela; L. Summerer; M. Ayre; M. Vasile Concepts for Near-Earth Asteroid Deflection using Spacecraft with Advanced Nuclear and Solar Electric Propulsion Systems 268-278
D. Wilson et al D. Willson; J. D. A. Clarke; G. Murphy MARS-OZ - A Design for a Simulated Mars Base in the Australian Outback 282-293
G. Landis Analysis of a Lunar Sling Launcher 294-297
R. Dickinson A Concept GEO-SPS Airship Multi-Megawatt Power Relay System 298-301
G.R. Bonin Initiating Piloted Mars Expeditions with Medium-Lift Launch Systems 302-309
G. Friedman Comparing Mass Driver and Disperser Concepts for Non-Nuclear Mitigation of Asteroid Threats 310-315
L. Johnson et al L. Johnson; D. Harris; A. Trausch; G. L. Matloff; T. Taylor; K. Cutting A Strategic Roadmap to Centauri 316-325
M.L. Shmatov Some Problems Related to Safety and Efficiency of the use of Antihydrogen and Antiprotons 326-331
R.W. Moir et al R. W. Moir; W. L. Barr Analysis of Interstellar Spacecraft Cycling Between the Sun and the New Stars 332-341
M. Hempsell Multi-Role Capsules - Fulfilling Their Potential 347-356
R.L. DeBiase Concept for a Very Large Space Based Radio Telescope for SETI 357-366
C.S. Cockell Duties to Extraterrestrial Microscopic Organisms 367-373
A. Phipps et al A. Phipps; A. Woodroffe; D. Gibbon; P. Alcindor; M. Joshi; A. da Silva Curiel; J. Ward; M. Sweeting; J. Underwood; S. Lingard; M. van den Berg; P. Falkner Mission and System Design of a Venus Entry Probe and Aerobot 374-384
M. Hempsell Terraforming in Context of the Evolving Space Infrastructure 385-391
M. Hempsell Some Speculations on the Construction of Artificial Planets 392-397
G.L. Matloff et al G. Matloff; L. Johnson Applications of the Electrodynamic Tether to Interstellar Travel 398-402
N. Kaya et al N. Kaya; M. Iwashita; S. Nakasuka; L. Summerer; J. Mankins Crawling Robots on Large Web in Rocket Experiment on Furoshiki Deployment 403-406
T. Kammash Nuclear Powered Laser Driven Plasma Propulsion System 407-411