Contents of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society for Volume 6

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Volume 6 1946-47

Author Co-Authors Title Page
Don Arnott A Survey of Atomic Power 3
A. E. Crawford New Unit of Time 8
M. W. Wholey The Moon and Mr. Farnsworth 13
A. E. Slater Astronautics and Poetry 21
A.E. Slater Of Ants and Men (Haskins) 22
A. C. Clarke The Challenge of the Spaceship 66
E. Burgess Thermodynamics of Rocket Motors 82
T. R. F. Nonweiler High Speed Flight 90
VOL. 6, No. 4 MAR, 1947
Editorial - Science and Reconstruction 99
J. Humphries Problems in Rocket Development 100
Prof. J. Ackeret Helvetica Physica Acta 116
L. Gilbert Theory of Rockets (Zur Theorie der Raketen) 116
H.E. Ross R.A. Smith Rocket Working Formulae 124
Vol. 6 No. 5 1947
Ir. G. de Koningh Ballistics of the Future (Kooy and Uyten-bogaart) 125
A.V. Cleaver Interplanetary Flight: Is the Rocket the only Answer? 127
M.W. Wholey Geology Applied to Selenology (Spurr) 148
M.W. Wholey British Thought 1947 148
M.W. Wholey Earth, Moon and Planets (Whipple) 148
H. E. Fielden Dawn of the Space Age (Harper) 152
R.A. Smith Instruction Manual Jet Propulsion Motor Models 152
Vol. 6 No. 6 SEP, 1947
M. W. Ovenden The Nature and Distribution of Meteoric Matter 157
D. F. Lawden Systems of Variable Mass 174
Abstracts 178
Research Papers 181
Reviews 183
The Neptune Rocket 184
M.W. Wholey Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion for Aircraft (Smith) 183
P.E. Cleator Messages in Morse From Mars 185
D.F. Lawden Motions of a Rocket in a Gravitational Field 187
E. Burgess Booster Rockets 192
S. M. Mather The Atmosphere of Venus 194
L. Lawrence Reaction Motors 197
M.W. Overden An Album of Celestial Photographs (Bedell) 199
A. Haward Aviation Medicine (Jokl) 200
W. E. Hick Medical Aspects of Aviation (Jokl) 201
M.W. Wholey Astronomical notebook 210