Contents of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society for Volume 60

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Volume 60 - 2007

Author Co-Authors Title Page
G. Fewer Conserving Space Heritage - The Case for Tranquillity Base 3-8
H.W. Crater The Mounds of Cydonia - A Case Study for Planetary SETI 9-20
K. Challis Archaeology's Cold War Windfall - The CORONA Programme and Lost Landscapes of the Near East 21-27
M.J. Carlotto Detecting Patterns of a Technological Intelligence in Remotely Sensed Imagery 28-39
Dirk H.R. Spennemann et al D. H. R. Spennermann; G. Murphy Technological Heritage on Mars Towards a Future of Terrestrial Artifacts on the Martian Surface 42-53
I.R. McNab Electromagnetic Launch to Space 54-62
S.D. Clark et al S. D. Clark; D. G. Fearn; F. Marchandise A Study of The Use of Electric Propulsion and Other Advanced Technologies on Small Spacecraft 63-71
D.G. Fearn et al D. G. Fearn; S. D. Clark The Potential Application of Small Electrically-Propelled Spacecraft to Low-Cost Interplanetary Missions 72-79
C. Struck The Feasibility of Shading the Greenhouse with Dust Clouds at the Stable Lunar Lagrange Points 82-89
B. Hendrickx The Soviet BOR-4 Spaceplanes and their Legacy 90-108
H.P. Shuch et al H. P. Schuch; A. Tough Testing a Claim of Extraterrestrial Technology 154-156
S. Pluchino et al S. Pluchino; N. Antonietti; C. Maccone Protecting the Moon Farside Radio-Telescopes from RFI Produced at the Future Lagrangian-Points 162-168
R. Ya. Kezerashvili et al R. Ya. Kezerashvili; G. L. Matloff Solar Radioation and the Beryllium Hollow-Body Sail - 1. The Ionization and Disintegration Effects 169-179
M.L. Shmatov Some Thermonuclear Power Plants as the Possible Sources of He3 for Space Propulsion Systems 180-187
H. Webber et al H. Webber; A. Bond; M. Hempsell The Sensitivity of Precooled Air-Breathing Engine Performance to Heat Exchanger Design Parameters 188-196
D. Garcia Yarnoz et al D. Garcia Yamoz; R. Jehn; P. de Pascale Trajectory for the Bepi-Colombo Mission for Mercury 202-208
A. Natarajan et al A. Natarajan; H. Schaub; G. G. Parker Reconfiguration of a Nadir-Pointing 2-Craft Coulomb Tether 209-218
E.L. Gralla et al E. L. Gralla; O. L. de Weck Strategies for On-Orbit Assembly of Modular Spacecraft 219-227
R.P. Haviland Requirements for Interstellar Travel 228-233
P.W. Bousquet et al P. W. Bousquet; J. Dejoie; V. Dubourg; A. Gerbert-Gaillard; J. M. Desorbeau Launch of CNES Small Satellites Lessons Learned and Perspectives 249-256
M. Beech Oscillation and Settling Times for Black-Holes Placed within Planetary and Stellar Interiors 257-262
M.A. Peck et al M. A. Peck; B. Streetman; C. M. Saaj; V. Lappas Spacecraft Formation Flying using Lorentz Forces 263-267
C.M. Saaj Hybrid Propulsion System for Spacecraft Swarm Aggregation using Coulomb Force 268-274
A. Hawkey Low Magnitude, High Frequency Signals Could Reduce Bone Loss During Spaceflight 278-284
O. Bertolami et al O. Bertolami; F. G. Pedro Gravity Control Propulsion - Towards a General Relativistic Approach 285-288
H. Koenigsmann et al H. Koenigsmann; G. E. Shotwell The Falcon I Launch Vehicle - Steps to and Results from the First Flight 289-293
T.S. Balint et al T. S. Balint; E. J. Sturm II; R. C. Woolley; J. F. Jordan Can we Power Future Mars Missions 294-303
M. Peukert et al M. Peukert; M. Riehle System Design of Propulsion Systems for Moon or Planetary Descent Vehicles 304-308
R. Forstner et al R. Forstner; R. Best; M. Steckling BepiColombo - Mission to Mercury 314-320
G. Bonin et al G. Bonin; T. Kaya Venus Exploration using Piloted Flybys and Telepresence 321-330
O. Bannova Design Considerations for Exterior and Interior Configurations of Surface Habitat Modules 331-338
C. Smith et al C. Smith; J. Seagram Free-Flyer Capture - New Robotic Challenges from the International Space Station 339-346
M. Hempsell Requirement Generation for Space Infrastructure Systems 350-357
M. Hempsell The Multi-Role Capsule as an Example of Function Based Requirement Generation 358-366
J.S. Calero The Aquarius, A Proposal for a Nano-Satellite Launcher Vehicle 367-376
N.V. Taylor et al N. V. Taylor; T. Sato Experimental Measurements of an Expansion Deflection Nozzle in Open Wake Mode 377-386
I.P. Williams Exploring the Solar System Beyond Neptune 387-388
D. Ashford A New Space Strategy for Europe 390-394
P. Collins Economic Benefits of Space Tourism to Europe 395-400
S. Fawkes Space Tourism and Sustainable Development 401-408
S. Fawkes Carbon Dioxide Emissions Resulting from Space Tourism 409-413
D.H.R. Spennemann The Opportunities for Star Tourism as a Motivation for Space Tourism 414-418
A. Webb et al V. K. Ilyin; D. A. Tiurina; N. A. Usanova; L. V. Starkova; Z. O. Soloviova; Ju. A. Morozova; N. V. Kirjukhina; A. Webb Space Tourism and Safety from Infection 419-425
J. Fabrega et al J. Fabrega; T. Schirmann; D. McCoy; P. Sivac Europe Goes to the Venus - The Journey of Venus Express 430-438
G.L. Matloff et al G. Matloff; L. Johnson; C. Maccone Helios and Prometheus - A Solar-Nuclear Outer-Solar System Mission 439-442
D. Boggiatto et al D. Boggiato; R. da Costa; T. Franck. G. Tumino Technology for the European Next Generation Launcher - Integrated On-Ground and In-Flight Development Approach 443-448
M.A. Stull The Feasibility of Linear Motors and High-Energy Thrusters for Massive Aerospace Vehicles 449-459
P. Pesavento The Role of Human Intelligence in the USAs 1960s Efforts to Understand Soviet Space Activities 460-462