Contents of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society for Volume 62

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Volume 62 - 2009

Author Co-Authors Title Page
L.J. Souverein et al L. J. Souverein; D. J. Twigt; S. Engelen Amateur Gas-Propelled Rocket Engine Development and Advanced Rocket Design 9-14
M. Vasile et al M. Vasile; S. Campagnola Design of Low-Thrust Multi-Gravity Assist Trajectories to Europa 15-31
K.I. Roy et al K. L. Roy; R. G. Kennedy III; D. E. Fields Shell Worlds - An Approach To Terraforming Moons, Small Planets and Plutoids 32-38
V. Badescu et al V. Badescu; A. M. Badescu Solar Cells With Down-Converters For Space Applications 42-46
J.D. Haqq-Misra et al J. D. Haqq-Misra; S. D. Baum The Sustainability Solution To The Fermi Paradox 47-51
M. Hempsell Requirement Generation For The Habitation Extension Module 52-56
J. Shoer et al J. Shoer; M. Peck Stifness Of A Flux-Pinned Virtual Structure For Modular Spacecraft 57-65
G.L. Matloff Electromagnetic Starship Deceleration In A Stellar Wind 66-68
N. Taylor An Examination Of Altitude Compensation Through Idealised Nozzles and Trajectories 69-75
C. Cotta et al C. Cotta; A. Morales A Computational Analysis of Galactic Exploration with Space Probes - Implications for the Fermi Paradox 82-88
K.F. Long Fusion, Antimatter The Space Drive - Charting a Path to the Stars 89-98
C. MacLeod Electromagnetically Activated Hypersonic Ducts 99-109
S.A. Prince et al S. A. Prince; M. J. Williams Parabolized Navier-Stokes Investigations of Hypersonic Intake Flows 110-120
H. Webber et al H. Webber; S. Feast; A. Bond Heat Exchanger Design in Combined Cycle Engines 122-130
S. Baxter Imaging the Alien - The Portrayal of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and SETI in Science Fiction 131-138
C.S. Cockell Liberty and the Limits to the Extraterrestrial State 139-157
R.D. Lorenz Titan Mission Studies - A Historical Review 162-174
G.P. Scott et al G. P. Scott; C. M. Saaj Biologically Inspired Robots to Assist Areonauts on the Martian Surface 175-186
C. Polk Mars by Way of Storytellers and Patrons 187-197
J. Knapman The Space Cable - Capability and Stability 202-210
S. Engelen et al S. Engelen; L. J. Souverein; D. J. Twigt Deimos Methane-Oxygen Rocket Engine Test Results 211-218
M.L. Shmatov Advantages of Fast Ignition Scenarios with Two Hot Spots for Space Propulsion Systems 219-224
R. Varvill et al R. Varvill; G. Paniagua; H. Kato; M. Thatcher Design and Testing of the Contra-Rotating Turbine for the Scimitar Precooled Mach 5 Cruise Engine 225-234
T. Sgobba et al T. Sgobba; A.-P. Menzel; R. Jakhu; J. Pelton Manifesto for a Safe and Sustainable Outer Space 241-245
J.B. Clark Crew Survival Lessons Learned from the Columbia Mishap 246-251
G. Goh Securing Safety - Spaceflight Standards for the Mass Market 252-260
W. Ailor et al W. Ailor; H. Krag Space Debris and Space Safety - Looking Forward 261-264
N.G. Leveson Software Challenges in Achieving Space Safety 265-272
B.G. Kanki et al B. G. Kanki; D. G. Rogers; L. Bessone; B. Parke; G. M. Sandal; I. Whiteley Team Performance and Space Safety 273-281
M.S. El-Genk Toward Global Standards on Peaceful uses of Space Nuclear Reactor Power Systems 282-293
J.N. Pelton et al J. N. Pelton; R. Jakhu International Safety Regulation and Standards for Space Travel and Commerce 294-302
R.J. Halyard Growing a Colony from an Outpost - The Colonization of Mars in the Twenty-Second Century 306-315
C. Kecskes Evolution and Detectability of Advanced Civilisations 316-319
C. MacLeod et al C. MacLeod; K. S. Gow; N. Capanni Some Practical Aspects of Electromagnetic Activation 320-331
Y. Minami et al Y. Minami; S. Uchida Water Vapour Propulsion Powered by a High-Power Laser-Diode 332-339
R.K. Seth et al R. K. Seth; B. M. Quine; Z. H. Zhu Feasibility of 20 km Free-Standing Inflatable Space Tower 342-353
D. Ashford How The UK Can Lead The New Space Age 354-361
P. De Pascale et al P. De Pascale; D. Garcia Yarnoz; R. Jehn Recovery Opportunities for the BepiColombo Mission to Mercury 362-368
M. Paton et al M. Paton; A. McSorley Virtual Prototyping of a Lander for the Fast Transfer of Humans to Mars 369-377
S. Baxter Renaissance Versus Revelation - The Timescale of the Interpretation and Assimilation of a Message from ETI 382-385
F. Winterberg Advanced Deuterium Fusion Rocket Propulsion for Manned Deep Space Missions 386-401
K.F. Long et al K. F. Long; M. Fogg; R. Obousy; A. Tziolas; A. Mann; R. Osborne; A. Presby Project Icarus - Son of Daedalus - Flying Closer to Another Star 403-414
I.A. Crawford The Astronomical, Astrobiological and Planetary Science Case for Interstellar Spaceflight 415-421
B. Parkinson Using Daedalus for Local Transport 422-426
A. Ellery Selective Snapshot of State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence Robotics with Reference to the Icarus Starship 427-439