December 1944

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Army Ordnance made plans under the Hermes program to study the German V-2 missile.

Glenn L. Martin granted $1,700,000 to the University of Maryland for establishment of a College of Engineering sad Aeronautical Sciences.

In a supplement to Spacewards magazine Eric Burgess reveals the substance behind a meeting that he had just attended with Arthur C. Clarke in the grounds of Warwick Castle. The goal of the meeting was to plan the future of CBAS and the BIS. He states that, "the society should be primarily concerned with the conquest of space." He then goes on to discuss a further meeting on Dec 10 1944 at the home of BIS founder Philip Cleator.

Kenneth Gatland founder of the CBAS continues his ongoing history of Rocket Propulsion in the magazine Practical Mechanics. The article in the December edition covers the subject of rocket societies and even features a photograph of Wernher von Braun although von Braun is not mentioned by name.