February 1939

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Airflow Research Staff at Langley Laboratory initiated reevaluation of jet propulsion for aircraft at speeds higher than considered by Buckingham in NACA Report No. 159 published in 1922.

Palooka From Jupiter a science fiction story by American Interplanetary Society founder Nathaniel Schachner appears in Astounding Science Fiction magazine.

Astounding Stories editor John W. Campbell writes a letter to Arthur C. Clarke about the designs for the lunar spacecraft undertaken by the BIS Technical committee. Campbell says he thinks that is is "genuinely worthwhile work." Campbell then goes on to make extensive suggestions regarding fuel, electricity, water and food supplies for the vessel. He also suggests replacing the altimeter and speedometer with a "radio-altimeter."

Arthur C. Clarke is accosted by London plainclothes police while returning home from the printers with copies of JBIS. The police were on alert for Irish militant activities. Seeing the bundles under his arm the police stopped Clarke who promptly encouraged them to carry the parcels to BIS HQ on Gray's Inn Road while simultaneously encouraging them to join the BIS.