George T. Whitesides

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George T. Whitesides

George T. Whitesides is the Executive Director of the National Space Society. NSS is dedicated to the promotion of human spaceflight, as well as space education and development. The organization counts approximately 20,000 member-subscribers around the world. With Loretta Hidalgo, Whitesides is the co-founder of Yuri's Night, a global celebration of space that includes thousands of celebrants each year around the world. With Rick Tumlinson, he is the co-founder of Permission to Dream, a global space-education program focused on astronomy, with local chapters in 16 countries. A Fulbright scholar, Whitesides received his graduate degree in remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems from Cambridge University, and his undergraduate degree in public and international affairs from Princeton University. Whitesides is a licensed private pilot and certified parabolic flight coach. A fan of hiking and the outdoors, he has summitted Aconcagua, the highest peak in the western hemisphere.


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