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George H. Hage was appointed Deputy Director, Apollo Program, in January 1968, and served as “general manager” assisting the Program Director in the management of Apollo developmental activities. In addition he was the Apollo Mission Director.

Hage was born in Seattle Washington, Oct. 7, 1925, and received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington in 1947. He joined Boeing that year and held responsible positions associated with the Bomarc and Minuteman systems, culminating in responsibility for directing engineering functions to activate the Cape Kennedy Minuteman Assembly and test complex in 1962. He then took charge of Boeing’s unmanned Lunar Reconnaissance efforts until being named Boeing’s engineering manager for NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Program in 1963.

Hage joined NASA as Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Science and Applications (Engineering) July 5, 1967, and was assigned to the Apollo Program in October 1967 as Deputy Director (Engineering).