Helmut Arthur Hoeppner

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Helmut Hoeppner
Helmut Hoeppner ca. 1959
Birth Name Helmut Arthur Hoeppner
Birth Date Jul 19 1911
Birth Place Ueskueb Turkey
Occupation Engineer
Nationality Germany
Notable Works Displacement Energy



Technical Academy Chemnitz and Technical University Dresden, Germany


  • Klemm Aircraft Company, Stuttgart
  • Luftwaffe
  • Associate engineer at Peenemunde working on V2
  • Messerschmitt Aircraft Company in Augsburg working on ME-163 and ME-262
  • IBM in Stuttgart (1951-54)
  • Bell Aircraft in Buffalo New York at the invitation of Walter Dornberger (1954-1956)
  • ABMA Redstone Arsenal working as assistant to Professor Oberth (1956-1958)
  • Chief Astronautics scientist at Chrysler Corporation Missile Division in Detroit Michigan (1959- )


  • Early contributor and board member of the post war rocket society GfW Stuttgart
  • Member of the British Interplanetary Society
  • Member of the American Rocket Society
  • Contributing consultant to Billy Isbell's Space Journal Magazine in Huntsville.
  • Advisor to the Michigan State Special Committee on Space Law.


Is Time the Missing Link - Displacement Energy with Billy Isbell (Space Journal Sept 1959)

Die optimale Lastrakete zur Außenstation in 1669 km Höhe, in: Forschungsbericht Nr. 8 der Gesellschaft für Weltraumforschung. Stuttgart 1951 (with Heinz Hermann Koelle delivered at IAC London 1951)

Space Vehicle Recovery (Society of Automotive Engineers #62-4186, Natl. Aero. U Space Eng. Mfg. Meeting, Los Angeles, Calif.. Oct. 9-13, 1961)

Die Satellitenrakete with K.B. Schonenberger (Proceedings 1952)

Further Development of the Freight Rocket with H. Kühme (JBIS 1952)

Helmut Hoeppner with a model of his SR52 rocket. (1952)