K2S Part 1 - Planning To Go To Space

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Is there anyone who hasn’t stood outside in the still of a star-canopied night, caught up in the infinite wonder of the Universe? Imagination gives us the freedom to time-travel to faraway places where we can land on an asteroid or stand on the Moon. Someday when we prepare to visit destinations in space, how will we feel? Will it be scary? Will we decide to go? To be among the first to explore new places is very exciting, but it will take preparation and courage. How are we going to go where we have never been before? Who is going to help us figure everything out? As the possibility of space travel progresses from science fiction fantasy to foreseeable reality, let’s investigate the things we may need to know before we go to space. The great thing about being ahead of our time is: when the time comes, we’ll be ready! The more we explore, the more we will learn about the Universe and about ourselves. And even if some of us later decide that we would rather stay at home on Earth, we can all have fun planning together now. After all, we’re very good at asking questions – and as we travel into the future, who knows where our questions may lead!

Chapters Sample Topics Experts
GENERAL Will average people be able to go on this trip? Geoffrey I. Crouch, Ph.D.
ASTRONAUTS Could we become astronauts? Col. USAF (Ret.) Rick Searfoss
AGE How old do we have to be to go? Sheryl L. Bishop, Ph.D.
EXPECTATIONS What is the experience like? Dennis Tito
ENVIRONMENT Will it harm our environment? Robby Gaines
ADMINISTRATIVE LOGISTICS How do we sign up to go? Sir Richard Branson; Jim Zebrowski
TRANSPORTATION How will we get to space? David Gump; Gary Hudson
CAPACITY Could we all go at the same time? Sir Richard Branson
AVAILABILITY When will we be able to go? Sir Richard Branson
GROUP DYNAMICS Who will we be going with? Sheryl L. Bishop, Ph.D.
HEALTH and MEDICAL Will there be any special restrictions or requirements? Col. USAF Dr. Richard S. Williams
MEDICAL Does anyone ever get hurt? Col. USAF Dr. Richard S. Williams




Would it be easier for us to get around in space? Kimberly S. Bertele, MS, OTR; Lucy Jane Miller, Ph.D., OTR; Mark A. Riccobono; Robert Shelton, Ph. D. Virgin Galactic
ANIMALS, FISH, INSECTS & BIRDS May we take our pets along with us? Bijal Thakore
EDUCATION What is there to learn in space? Pam Leestma and Brad McLain
SPORTS and GAMES What will there be to do? US Space and Rocket Center
SPACE HOTELS Where will we be staying? Robert T. Bigelow
DURATION How long will it take to get there? Hazel McAndrews
COMMUNICATIONS How would we stay in touch with home? Lonnie Moffitt; Cdr. USN Robert L. Curbeam
TRAINING How will we prepare and train? Tim Bailey; Loretta Hidalgo
PACKING What should we take with us? Roger Crouch, Ph.D.
CAMERA EQUIPMENT What cameras will we need? Barbara Morgan
ATMOSPHERE What is atmosphere like? Robert P. McCoy, Ph.D.
SPACEPORTS Where will they be located? Derek Webber; Eric Anderson
LAUNCH Is lift off scary or exciting or both? Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.) William G. Gregory