K2S Part 2 - Visiting and Living in Space

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Chapters Sample Topics Experts
PROLOGUE Space transport for the future. Burt Rutan
SPACECRAFT Who can tell us about spacecraft? Jon H. Brown
ROCKETS How do rockets work? John W. Cole
FUEL What will power the spacecraft? Jon H. Brown
VELOCITY How fast can we go? John Cavallaro
MISSION CONTROL Will we have spacecraft controllers? Ron Kohl
DESTINATIONS Where could we go for vacations? Derek Webber
DISTANCES How many miles from Earth will we travel? Derek Webber
SPACE STATIONS What are space stations like? Thomas Rogers;
ELECTRICAL POWER Can we plug in our tech stuff? John Cavallaro
BREATHING Will we wear oxygen helmets all the time? Lonnie Moffitt;
AIRLOCKS How do airlocks work? Russell Romanella
CREW Does each crewmember have a special job? Col. USAF (Ret.) William R. Pogue
MISSIONS Are all the missions scientific? Charles D. Walker, Ph.D
ORIENTATION Which way is up? Col. USAF Catherine Coleman, Ph.D.
GRAVITY What should we know about gravity? Dana S. Klein;
WEIGHTLESSNESS What is it like to float around? Byron Lichtenberg, Ph.D.
PHYSICS What is string theory? Luke Keller, Ph.D.
TIME Is time the same in space? Luke Keller, Ph.D.
CELEBRATIONS Will we be able to celebrate? Capt. USN (Ret). William Readdy
CLOTHING What will we wear in space? Lonnie Moffitt
HAIR and NAILS Is hair hard to manage in space? Janet Kavandi, Ph.D.;
VISION Will our vision be the same in space? Col. USAF Dr. Richard S. Williams
DRINKING and EATING What will we drink and eat, and how? Charles Camarda, Ph.D.; Dr. Jonathan B. Clark
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES & TOBACCO Would the effects of drinking and smoking be the same in space? Dr. Jonathan B. Clark
DAYLIGHT and DARKNESS Is the light always changing? Derek Webber;
SLEEPING How would we sleep? Dr. Jay C. Buckey, Jr.
DAILY FUNCTIONS How would we bathe and how would we go to the bathroom? Col. USAF (Ret.) William R. Pogue
DENTAL How would we brush our teeth? Dr. Jay C. Buckey, Jr.
SANITATION Is it really clean up there? Russell Romanella;
ODORS Is it possible to smell anything? James Zebrowski
RADIATION Is space radiation dangerous? Nancy J. Lindsey
ULTRAVIOLET RAYS How will UV rays affect us in space? Dr. Jonathan B. Clark
SURVIVAL What do we need in order to survive? Brad McLain;
SAFETY Is space travel safe? Futron Corporation
EMERGENCIES What would we do if we have some emergencies? Futron Corporation
SOVEREIGNTY Can we own land? Christopher Stott
COMMUNITIES Will we live and work there? John Spencer
BIRTHS What nationality will the baby be? Sheryl L. Bishop, Ph.D.
FACILITIES What facilities will we have? Ron Kohl