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Children are so much into Today that they have little time left to think about Tomorrow. The Kids to Space vision required endless effort and countless hours from the following, who all believed in the value of inspiring and helping children with their journey to Tomorrow: For their invaluable support of the Kids to Space vision and project, grateful appreciation is extended to The Robert Heinlein Foundation and The Sophron Foundation.

For space inspiration, thanks to the Ansari Family, Peter Diamandis and the X Prize Foundation, and the Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG).

For critical edits, long hours, and moral support, thanks to Editing Assistants Wrexie Bardaglio and Scott Schorer. To all participating principals, teachers, office staff, guidance counselors, parents, and experts for giving children this opportunity to participate in their own space future, I am indebted.

For recommending and facilitating contacts, Thank You to so many, including: Holly Abernathy, Stephen Attenborough, Anne Atwood, Judy Aydelott, Wrexie Bardaglio, Dr. Von Beebe, Beth Berger, Kimberly Bertele, Anita Brenner, Jon Brown, Lynda Brown, Valerie Bunnell, Marda Burton, Dr. Jonathan Clark, Vickie Clark, Dan Caron, Becky Cross, Al Diaz, Nick Eftimiades, Patricia and Wayne Fisher, George Frushour, Pres Funkhouser, Kerry Goode, Richard Godwin, Robert Godwin, Darcy Green, Alan Hale, Kathleen Haubner, Chris and Kali Jones, Jessica Jones, Ron Jones, Russell Jones, Spike Karalekas, Deborah and Roy Kullby, Pamela Lainson, Dr. Tommy Love, Trygve "Spike" Magelssen, Dr. Jeff Magun, Dr. Michael Manyak, Priscilla and David Mayne, Julia and David Marsden, Dorothy McDonough, Trinese McKenzie, Nan and Bill Miller, Patricia McKean, Lonnie Moffitt, Diane Murphy, Ann Nann, Nancy and Robert Nightingale, Barbara Norris, Space Shuttle Commander William Readdy, Eric Richardson, Gina Ross, Bill and Patti Sadd, Mark Santiago, Julie Schorer, Kristen Schorer, Allison Schulman, John Spencer, Barbara Sprungman, Kris Tague, Mark Unland, Audrey Weedon, Laura S. Woodmansee, Jim Zebrowski.

For logistical support, thank you to: Apollo XI Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Kimberly Bertele, Theodore Bertele, Taylor Blunt, Lisa Cannon, Art Dula, Larry Evans, Constance Jones, Jessica Jones, Matt Meeks, Jared Moore, Courtney Perry, Tom Rogers, David Schorer, Kristen Schorer, Space Shuttle Commander Rick Searfoss, Eric Steinbuechler and Timothy Tinel. And to Bob Krone, for taking time to share organizational guidelines, thank you. To Pat Rawlings for his magnificent cover illustration and to Richard Godwin, Robert Godwin and Ric Connors of Apogee Books for believing in the project and creating a new Kids Space arm of CG Publishing, sincere thanks.

To grandsons Jackson and Sammy, thanks for all the space trips we have already taken. To my extended family, I appreciate that you are always interested and always there. And to my husband David, from vision to reality, thank you for infinite patience, unwavering support and the treasured gift of time.

Lonnie Jones Schorer