Kids To Space - Letter of Support from Colonel Rick Searfoss

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Letter of Support

Dear Teachers,

I’m a former astronaut—three missions—and Space Shuttle commander. I’m working with Buzz Aldrin and Lonnie Schorer on the Global Space Travelers concept as well as numerous other private space ventures. Lonnie had mentioned to me that your students are helping support this project through providing input for a future “training manual.” I want to add my encouragement, support, and thanks for your efforts.

We are rapidly approaching a time when access to space will become much more available for many more people. In fact, within five to ten years there will certainly be the opportunity for private citizens to take short journeys to sub-orbital space aboard privately designed, developed, and financed RLVs (Reusable Launch Vehicles). It’s very likely indeed that during your students’ lifetimes, such journeys will become commonplace and that even orbital experiences will be feasible. It’s important that those of us in this very future-looking, forward-leaning community gather the support and generate the excitement of our youth. Their contributions are valuable and an important part of the dream.

Dr. Robert H. Goddard, inventor of the liquid-fueled rocket engine and the “father of modern rocketry,” said, “Who is to say what is impossible, for the dreams of yesterday are the hopes of today and the realities of tomorrow.” One of my dreams and hopes is that in the near future many thousands more people, everyday citizens, will have the chance to enjoy the reality of the incredible experience of spaceflight I’ve been so fortunate to share with only 439 other people in history so far. Good luck and thanks again.

Rick Searfoss, Colonel, USAF Retired Astronaut/Space Shuttle Commander



Extracted from the book Kids to Space - by Lonnie Schorer