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A native of Connecticut and a resident of Virginia, Lonnie earned a BA in Russian from Connecticut College and a Masters of Architecture degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Living overseas for more than 20 years in Thailand, Turkey, Italy, Norway, and the former USSR in support of her husband's State Department career, she raised a family and was professionally engaged in UNESCO World Heritage programs, as well as in land planning, residential, commercial, and architectural preservation projects. In pursuit of visionary goals, as former head of design for a new-concept 43,000-ton community at sea, the World of Residensea, and currently as director of Global Space Travelers, Lonnie believes that the future of space travel, with spacecraft ferrying passengers and supplies to destination spaceports, could be successfully modeled on the cruise ship industry.

With her Apogee Press book, Kids to Space: A Space Traveler's Guide, April 2006, she hopes to inspire and involve today's youth in our space plans for tomorrow.