May 1945

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Boeing began development of Gapa (ground-to-air pilotless aircraft) antiaircraft missile for USAAF. Within 2 years 37 Gapa missiles had been fired and by October 1949 a total of 102 successful firings had taken place.

The United States Rocket Society issues the first issue of their journal "Rockets". The journal was originally meant to be published quarterly by R.L. Farnsworth from his home in Glen Ellyn Illinois. Issue #2 appeared in October 1945, #3 in February 1946 and #4/5 in May 1946.

Kenneth Gatland chairman of the CBAS continues his summary of rocket propulsion in Practical Mechanics magazine covering the American Rocket Society experiments. In the same issue Modelcraft model makers of London advertise plans for what may be the earliest model kit of a rocket. The "German V2 Rocket Bomb, Tractor and Conveyor."