Mightysat 1

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Mightysat 1
Organization Unknown (United States)
Mission type Engineering
Launch date December 15, 1998 (1998-12-15)
Launch vehicle STS-88
Carrier rocket Space Shuttle
Launch site Cape Canaveral, United States
COSPAR ID 1998-069C
Mass 320.0 kg
Alternate Names 25551
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Mightysat 1 was an American minisatellite that was ejected from STS 88 on 12 December 1998. It carried equipment for five advanced technology demonstrations/tests: a new/improved Advanced Composition (spacecraft) Structure, a new solar cell with Gallium Indium Phosphide layer on a Gallium Arsenide layer, a "MAPLE" experiment to test advanced microelectronic packaging, a "SMARD" payload to enable/test low-shock ejection devices, and a "MPID" package to provide indications of natural and man-made space debris. For further details see: http://sspp.gsfc.nasa.gov/hh/hh.html