November 1938

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Simultaneous Worlds a science fiction story by American Interplanetary Society founder Nathaniel Schachner appears in Astounding Science Fiction magazine.

Maurice K. Hanson of the British Interplanetary Society publishes issue #27 of Novae Terrae magazine in London England. William F. Temple and Arthur C. Clarke are associate editors. Cover art by Harry Turner and Arthur C. Clarke. The cover features the "Clarke Catchem" which is highly reminiscent of the pod grapplers in the motion picture 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Arthur C. Clarke reprints an article by BIS founder Philip Cleator in the Bulletin of the BIS in which Cleator denounces the Bulletin as "execrable." He also publishes a piece entitled "Rocketry and the Law" by Eric Burgess in which the author describes the events in Manchester on Mar 27 1937 wherein an experimental rocket of the MIS exploded and led to charges being laid against Burgess. This incident effectively brought British rocket experimentation to a standstill until after the War.