October 1934

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The fourth edition of The Journal of the British Interplanetary Society is published. Articles include a debate about whether to change the society's name to British Rocketry Society to duplicate the name change made by the American Interplanetary Society. Otto Steinitz of the Austrian rocket society delivered article about rocketry. New associate members listed include A.C. Clarke of Taunton in Devon.

A New Series of Bulletins is inaugurated by the British Interplanetary Society to commemorate their first anniversary. An editorial by Les Johnson in Volume 1 number 1 revealed that the anniversary party was to be postponed until November. He also asserted that the year had been one of "remarkable progress" despite some council members not being able to fulfill their various roles. The Bulletin is at this time published from Johnson's home in Mill Lane Liverpool. Philip Ellaby Cleator is President and C.H.L. Askham vice-president. Jas A. Free Jr is Honorary Assistant Secretary.

The October issue of Practical Mechanics features an update on the BIS.

"THE BRITISH INTERPLANETARY SOCIETY THE most successful meeting of the Society to date was held in Liverpool on Friday, September 7th. Five new members were admitted into the Society, including one lady. Suggestions had been received from several members about the future form of the Journal, and these were discussed at length. It was decided that the October issue would appear In the usual form, but before the following issue was published the matter would be discussed more fully. The question of copies of lectures becoming available to members was also discussed, and a definite line of action was decided upon. A very friendly letter of co-operation and goodwill sent by Herr Ing. Guido Pirquet, of Vienna (Fellow of the B.I.S.), a prominent Continental experimenter, was read to the members by the Secretary. A fierce and most interesting discussion took place between the President, Mr. P. E. Cleator, and the Vice -President, Mr. Colin H. L. Askham, over the future policy of the Society as to the election of representatives in foreign societies. After a long verbal duel the matter had to be referred to the next meeting. The problem of a branch in London was considered, as such a branch had been proposed. It was decided to establish such a branch when the membership in London justified one."