Eberhard F. M. Rees

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Eberhard F. M. Rees was deputy director, technical, of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Dr. Rees was born April 28, 1908, in Trossingen, Germany. He received his technical education in Stuttgart and at Dresden Institute of Technology. He graduated from Dresden in 1934 with a master of science degree in mechanical engineering. During World War II. Dr. Rees worked at the German Guided Missile Center in Peenemunde. He came to the United States In 1945 and worked in the Ordnance Research and Development, Sub-Office (rocket), at Fort Bliss. In 1950 the Fort Bliss activities were moved to Redstone Arsenal, Ala. Rees, who became an American citizen in 1954, was appointed deputy director of Research and Development of Marshall Space Flight Center in 1960. He held this position until his appointment in 1963 to deputy director, technical.

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