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The German Society for Spaceflight

Berlin 1930, from left to right, Rudolf Nebel, Dr. Alexander Ritter (Director of Chemisch-Technische-Reichsanstalt), Paul Ehmayer, Kurt Heinisch, unknown (possibly Hans Bermüller), Hermann Oberth, unknown student friend of Von Braun (possibly Helmut Zoike), Klaus Riedel (holding a Mirak rocket), Wernher von Braun, Chemisch-Technische-Reichsanstalt foreman.

Members of the VfR 11th April 1930, Posthörsaal, Postamt 24, Artilleriestraße

The image shows Johannes Winkler, Willy Ley, possibly Wernher von Braun, Rudolf Nebel, Max Valier and Erich Wurm. Frequently attributed to Spring 1931, the image was taken at an event in April 1930 which Ley described in his book Rockets and Missiles. Valier was killed in a rocket explosion in May 1930, just days after this image was taken. Behind the group can be seen a mock-up of a large Oberth rocket which is hanging from the ceiling on a parachute. This is identified in a book by Willy Ley as the first picture of Wernher von Braun. This seems unlikely as it bears little resemblance to Von Braun from this era. But even if it is him there are many other images of him at younger ages. If it turns out to be Von Braun it may be the only picture of him with Valier.

Members of the VfR assembling a rocket test stand circa Summer 1931

Complete run of the Journal of the German Rocket Society