July 1944

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Robert R. Gilruth of the Langley Flight Research Division, prompted by the need for an experimental method of gathering aerodynamic data at transonic speeds, conceived the wing-flow method (utilizing the transonic-airflow field over the top surface of the wing of a high-speed subsonic airplane, usually a P-51 fighter, as a "flying wind tunnel" for testing small semispan wing and airplane models).

First positive identification of German turbojet interceptors used against Allied bombers. RAF formed first Meteor jet squadrons for use against V-1's.

Volume 5 No 4 of Spacewards magazine officially declares itself the publication of the Combined British Astronautical Societies, a combination of the Manchester Astronautical Association and the Astronautical Development Society.

Kenneth Gatland founder of the CBAS begins an ongoing history of Rocket Propulsion in the magazine Practical Mechanics. The first article appears in the July edition and covers the subject up to the year 1810.