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NEW: Pre-1945 Rocket Patents

NEW: Weltraum Fahrt Jahrgang 1953 Index to year four of the journal of the GfW

NEW: Weltraum Fahrt Jahrgang 1952 Index to year three of the journal of the GfW

NEW: Weltraum Fahrt Jahrgang 1951 Index to year two of the journal of the GfW

NEW: Weltraum Fahrt Jahrgang 1950 index to year one of the journal of the GfW

NEW: World Space Congress 2002 video highlights and interviews.

  • Apollo 11 16mm enhanced lunar surface footage for 50th anniversary)

Check out what may be the only authentic 3D video of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Eugene Cernan and Walt Cunningham interviewed in the Saturn V building at the Kennedy Space Center in July 1999. You'll need your red/cyan glasses to view this in 3D. Image:Redcyanglasses.jpg‎

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Recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If you are using an Android mobile device it is highly recommended that you use Chrome instead of the indigenous browser.

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