Combined British Astronautical Societies

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CBAS was formed during World War II by the merger of the Manchester Astronautical Association (MAA) and the Astronautical Development Society (ADS). After the BIS fell into stasis at the beginning of 1940 Eric Burgess's MAA and Kenneth Gatland's ADS decided to split the country into north and south counties and share their research and news. In 1944 Burgess met with Arthur C. Clarke at Warwick Castle to plan the inclusion of the BIS into CBAS at the close of hostilities. At the end of the war the BIS initially only brought about 10 members to the table while CBAS was hovering around 230. Ultimately the merger of all three on December 31st 1945 would result in the new combination reverting to the old name of the British Interplanetary Society and would proceed on for the next 70+ years. Burgess would be member #1 in the new BIS and Clarke member #2. Both would chair the new BIS.