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Some content on The Space Library is copyrighted by the individual contributors and may not be copied in any form without the express permission of the copyright owner.

So far The Space Library has taken 6 years to build. Our hope is that this site will provide an easy to use and familiar interface for people in the space community to document their work in an interactive format. You will notice that it looks a lot like Wikipedia, but despite using the powerful Mediawiki engine as its foundation The Space Library is NOT an encyclopedia. The software has been heavily modified but the principal thing it does borrow from the Wiki concept, (as originated by Wikiwikiweb) is its ability to allow multiple users to contribute content using a simple interface. However, right from its inception, The Space Library pages can be locked down so that no one can change the content of someone else's page without their permission. We feel this is important to preserve the integrity of the material. Each page also carries an attribution in plain sight as part of the page title. So if Joe Smith writes a page about Apollo 11 it will appear as "Apollo 11 by Joe Smith."

The Space Library was originally conceived as an Almanac; but it has since evolved to include basic social networking functions, ecommerce, data storage and multimedia functions. The hundreds of movies and audio recordings are compatible with HTML5 browsers.

The Space Library can include personal pages for contributors where they can sell ebooks, academic papers, photographs, art, audio recordings and video recordings; but all without the "noise" of unrelated advertising.

It is our hope that experts in the aerospace field will use The Space Library to share and interact with students and educators as well as peers in their respective fields.

The Space Library's daily almanac of space news has the potential to provide an ongoing window into current events.

The Space Library is still under construction. The Space Library is in beta testing.
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