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NEW!! Orbital Refueling Feasibility Study and Design Concept (ABMA 1960)

NEW!! Physiological and Psychological Considerations for Manned Space Flight by Allen B. Thompson

NEW!! Interplanetary Flight & Communication by Nikolai Rynin

NEW!! Apollo 11 16mm enhanced lunar surface footage for 50th anniversary)

NEW!! Apollo 11 missing tapes news release 2006 - timeline of events

NEW!! Apollo 11 30th Anniversary Press Conference 3D

Check out what may be the only authentic 3D video of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Eugene Cernan and Walt Cunningham interviewed in the Saturn V building at the Kennedy Space Center in July 1999. You'll need your red/cyan glasses to view this in 3D. Image:Redcyanglasses.jpg‎

Here's an immersive Flash still image taken by by Miles O'Brien of CNN that day.

This is supposed to be a flash animation. You'll need the flash plugin and a browser that supports it to view it.

NEW!! Edward Francis Burney Georgian space artist

NEW!! Lunar Vehicle updates! (Feb 2019

NEW!! Publications updates including early Lunar Orbit Rendezvous docs! (Feb 2019)

NEW!! Nuclear Manned Mars mission (by Graphic Films that worked on 2001 A Space Odyssey)

For your further consideration:

An Interview with John Houbolt, the man who sold lunar orbit rendezvous to NASA!

To see the full hour of this interview by Michael Lennick please click here to subscribe to the library

Max Faget interview with Michael Lennick (2002)

To see the rest of this interview by Michael Lennick please click here to subscribe to the library

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