Contents of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society for Volume 25

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Volume 25 - 1972

Author Co-Authors Title Page
Vol. 25 No.1 January 1972
B. P. Miller Return-Beam Vidicon Multispectral Camera System for ERTS A and B 1
M. Chatanier G. Gauffre An Infrared Transducer for Space Applications 13
Anthony R. Martin Scaling Laws in Electron-Bombardment Ion Engines 19
A. G. Earl Proposals for Hydrazine and Ammonia Resisto-Jet Orbit and Attitude Control Systems for Satellites 31
S. B. Jackson The Design of Parachutes for Use with Very High Altitude Sounding Rockets 43
John A. C. Beattie A Satellite Time-of-Day Code Generator 53
Book Notices 59
Vol. 25 No.2 February 1972
P. R. Malcolm Sounding Rocket Activities in Australia 61
J. Martin-Lof P. Zetterquist Sounding Rocket Radio Tracking Systems Developed in Sweden 71
W. T. Lord R. C. Parkinson Two-Stage (Resistojet/Ion Motor) Transfer of Communications Satellites 85
H. Frohlich W. Muller A Modern Spacecraft Power System Concept with Power Adaptation using a Maximum Power Point Tracker 111
Book Notices 123
Vol. 25 No. 3 March 1972
P. Hancock B. S. Hockenhull Metals for Aerospace Applications 125
J. W. Furst Design for High Performance Sounding Rockets 153
M. Goose Environmental Testing of Sounding Rockets 167
Marcelo R.M. Crespo da Silva On the Dynamical Equivalence between Two Types of Vehicles with Rotors 177
Book Reviews 183
Book Notices 187
Vol. 25 No. 4 April 1972
D. Eaton A Survey of the ESRO Sounding Rockets Programme 1964-1971 189
D.J. Adams A. F. Janes Preliminary Results from the X-Ray Experiment SL904 201
A. C. Parmee Pyrolytic Graphite Coated Rocket Nozzles 209
A.C. Parmee Properties of Carbon Fibre/Carbon Composites and Their Application in Rocket Nozzles 231
Book Notices 251
Vol. 25 No. 5 May 1972
P. F. Langston Fracture Toughness of High Strength Materials 253
S. Ranganayaki V. Raina and K. Bahadur Detection of Nucleic Acid Bases In Photochemically Synthesized Self Sustaining Coacervates 279
D. C. Mainhood An Appraisal of an Aeronautical Satellite System 287
K. Reinel Motion Simulation Facility for the Satellite SYMPHONIE 299
Book Reviews 309
Book Notices 315
Vol.25 No.6 June 1972
Michel Cade Payload Recovery Equipment for Sounding Rockets 317
K. Zdarsky Water Recovery Systems and Operations in Europe and the United States 327
N. G. Dennis Probabilistic Theory and Statistical Distribution of Earth Satellites 333
Conference Report 377
Book Reviews 379
Vol.25 No.7 July 1972
W. T. Fisher Towards a Low Cost Meteorological Rocket 381
H. G. Webb A. D. Haigh and R. Freestone Silicon Solar Energy Conversion for Electrical Power Generation on Spacecraft 389
R. U. Johnston Fabrication of Refractory Metals 407
J. G. Morley Composite Materials 431
Book Reviews 441
Book Notices 443
Vol. 25 No. 8 August 1972
N.Simmons The Potentialities of Space Technology in Relation to Oceanography and Surface Meteorology 445
J. H. Molitor H. J. King Solar Electric Propulsion Systems and Applications 463
Mario V. Oggero Carlo V. Bertolo Propulsive Performance of a 30KW Arc-Jet Thruster Stabilized by Vortex and Magnetic Forces 477
A. R. Martin A Comparison of Argon and Mercury Propelled Ion Engines 491
Book Reviews 503
Book Notices 505
Vol. 25 No. 9 September 1972
G.B. Hamilton D. K. Dewis Black Arrow Attitude Reference System 509
A. K. Brookman An Albedo Horizon Sensor Using Hybrid Circuitry 515
P. Donguy Solid Propellent Rocket Motor Thrust Vector Control 527
D. Sutton Hydrazine Thrusters for Space Application 537
J. S. Griffith Recent Developments in the Theory of the Motion of the Moon 553
Book Reviews 557
Book Notices 560
Vol.25 No. 10 October 1972
Krafft A. Ehricke Saturn-Jupiter Rebound 561
J.C. Dixon P.J. Musgrove Design Aspects of Resistojets for Satellite Attitude Control 585
P.J. Sherwood Construction of a High-Performance Resistojet for Satellite Propulsion 573
J. Gittins R. D. Gould, P.D. Penny and P.O . Wellings Solid Propellent Combustion Instability 597
H. Tolle J. Haseloff and I. Widjaja Aerodynamic Aerothermodynamic and Free-Flight Activities on ReEntry Vehicles 607
Book Reviews 619
Book Notices 624
Vol.25 No. 11 November 1972
A. Bond A Nuclear Rocket for the Space Tug 625
Anthony R. Martin The Effects of Drag on Relativistic Spaceflight 643
G. Ross Cochrane Colour Separation and Electronic Analysis of Gemini V and Apollo Spacecraft Photography 655
Astronomical Notebook 669
Book Reviews 682
Vol. 25 No.12 December 1972
Geoffrey Lewis The Shuttle Applied to Space Science Research 689
C. J. N. Smith C. E. Allen Space Tug Design 697
K. Ghosh Stability Characteristics of Re-Entry Wing Shapes and their Measurement 709
I. Halliwell M.S. Vasudevan and R.E. W. Jansson Laser Measurement of Turbulence in Exhaust Jets 717
Daniel Pablo-Mendez Simulation of Rendezvous of a Man in Deep Space 727
Astronomical Notebook 739
Conference Report 746
Book Reviews 749
Author Index 753
Subject Index 755