Defence Research Telecommunications Establishment

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The DRTE was formed in 1951 as an amalgamation between the Radio Propagation Laboratory (RPL) which was based in Naval Headquarters in Ottawa Canada and the Defence Research Electronics Laboratory (DREL) in Rockliffe. The Radio Propagation Laboratory had been formed in 1944 to help the Canadian Navy to defend itself against German submarines. The RPL began with only three scientists, J.H. Meek, F.T. Davies, and J.C.W. Scott. The RPL was located on Prescott Highway. The Defence Research Electronics Laboratory was part of the Canadian Army's Signals Research and Development Establishment (CSRDE) also in Rockliffe. The DREL was conducting communications work for the Canadian Army.

In 1958 the DRTE began work on Canada's first satellite, the Alouette followed by the ISIS satellite series. Today the DRTE is known as the Communications Research Centre.