Michael Lennick

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Michael Lennick
Birth Name Michael Lennick
Birth Date 1952
Date of Death 2014
Place of Death Toronto Canada
Occupation Filmmaker, Author
Nationality Canada
Notable Works Launch Vehicles, Dr. Teller's Very Large Bomb, Rocket Science

Click here for videos from the collection of documentary film maker Michael Lennick

Michael Lennick, was writing and directing documentary films for many more years than he could admit to or remember. In a parallel career, he had also worked as a visual effects supervisor for feature films and television series. He also won dozens of awards for his documentary film-making, including the Gold Award at the Houston International Film Festival for his epic mini-series "Rocket Science".

Producer, writer, director, author and special effects wizard, Michael's work on space documentaries was unparalleled. Extracts of his remarkable films can be seen HERE. A summary of his career can be read HERE. Michael died unexpectedly in November 2014 from brain cancer.