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Founded in October 1933 by Philip Ellaby Cleator at his home at 34 Oarside Drive in Wallasey near Liverpool England. In January 1934 Cleator wrote that the formation of the society would not have been possible without the support of "Chambers Journal", The Liverpool Echo and the Daily Express newspapers, all of which ran stories on the fledgling society. Founding members included R.S. Chambers, C.H.L. Askham (VP), Leslie J. Johnson (Hon. Sec.), N.E. Moore Raymond of the Daily Express, J. Davies, J. Toolan, H.C. Binns (Acc.) Mr. T. McNab, N. Weedall, J.A. Free and E. Roberts.

Notable publications include The Journal of the British Interplanetary Society the Bulletin of the British Interplanetary Society and Spaceflight Magazine.

Members of the London Branch of the BIS in the offices of Professor Low at 8 Waterloo Place Piccadilly, London, Tuesday October 27th 1936 - Front row, left to right: Ted Carnell, Arthur C. Clarke, Walter H. Gillings, Archibald M. Low, P. Bois, J.H.Edwards, Elizabeth Huggett. Back row; Sydney Klemantaski, James G. Strong , Ralph A. Smith, T. White, George A. Day, Charles Bein, Harold E. Turner, unknown. On this occasion Carnell was appointed chairman. During his inaugural speech he explained why founder Philip Ellaby Cleator had resigned his chairmanship over the decision to move the society from Liverpool to London. Cleator still promised his support, as did honorary acting secretary Leslie Joseph Johnson. This photograph was taken by L. Klemantaski.

Members of the BIS outside the home of Ralph Smith in July 1938. From left to right. H. E. Ross, J.H.Edwards, E. Burgess, H.E. Turner, R.A. Smith, R.C. Truax (visiting from America), M.K. Hanson and A.C. Clarke.

Following the war many of the pre-war members continued their membership. Including R.A. Smith, M.K. Hanson, A.C. Clarke, William F. Temple, James G. Strong, Walter H. Gillings, Archibald M. Low, and founder Philip Ellaby Cleator.