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VOL. 55 No. 1 January 2013
Smaller is better Joel W. Powell takes a look at a growing family of small experiment containers for flight aboard human space vehicles. including the ISS, and at a range of small satellites that could be just the thing to fly low-cost experiments. 17-19
Apollo 17 In what many regard as one of the finest missions of lunar exploration in the history of the Apollo programme, Apollo 17 brought back to Earth a rich harvest of geological treasures. On the 40th anniversary of that flight we reflect upon the returns from Apollo. 20-21
Sampling the Moon Philip Corneille reviews the history of lunar sample collecting and describes how they were used by scientists around the world, reflecting on the fate of the Russian samples too. 22-23
Spacefest 2012 Ken MacTaggart reports on a gathering of Apollo Moon explorers in the US and Rick Mulheim brings news of a memorable visit by Apollo 16's Charlie Duke to Pontefract, Yorks. 24-25
Apollo 11: Eyewitness to History David Chudwin was a 19-year old sophomore when he got the chance of a lifetime to report on the flight of Apollo 11 from the Kennedy Space Center and shares that experience through 43 years of hindsight. 26-29
The Dawn of Planetary Science The Editor reflects on the first successful interplanetary mission. the flight of NASAs Mariner 2 spacecraft that passed Venus on 14 December and changed our view of that world forever. 30-32
Space Generation Congress As a member of the delegation. Ryan Laird reports from the Space Generation Congress in Naples during late September. replete with space specialists from around the world. 33
Britain in Space – UK space industry given funding boost – RapidEye ground segment upgrades – Bids in now please. for Mars! 34
World News Analysis – iGeolise win national competition
8-9 International News – An Ill Wind for Enterprise
In brief – news shorts from around the world 9
A View from the Hill – A change at the top – NASA gets rolling - Bolden makes waves
Satellite Digest – 480 October 2012
ISS Operations Summary – 16 October to 15 November 2012 14-16
Off the Shelf – The Universe Collection – Lichtmond 2: Universe of Light – Observing the solar system – the Story of Astronomy – IMAX films at the Science Museum and a COMPETITION! 34-35
Society News – the President's Annual Report - the Sir Arthur Clarke Awards 2012 – A little fundraiser 36-38
Diary Notices 39
VOL. 55 No. 2 February 2013
Opening the final frontier Stephen Ashworth opens our look at space tourism and commercial space opportunities for existing organizations, new-start companies and entrepreneurs with a preview of existing and emerging activities. 57-59
Dream Chaser Gerard van de Haar and Rudolf van Beest take a look at the space-plane being by Sierra Nevada Corp from old NASA and Soviet designs the company hopes will return wings to the International Space Station. 60-63
Flying the Lynx Following his report on what it's like to fly aboard a ballistic suborbital space-plane. Mk Spell talks to XCOR CEO Andrew Nelson about the company's plans to get the Lynx up and running. 64-65
Astrometry in orbit: Gaia Philip Corneille tells the story of the Gaia telescope, a major European project for astrometry, the precise measurement of stars. and provides a review of precursor missions that make Gaia possible. 66-69
Patrick Moore — an obituary Spaceflight Editor David Baker observes the life of Sir Patrick Moore. astronomer and mapmaker and remarks on his contributions to the NASA Apollo Moon programme and the value of, so-called. 'amateur astronomy'. 71
Asteroid miners hunt for platinum... In a somewhat cynical observation on lavish claims for mining valuable minerals in the asteroid belt. Tim Worstall reflects on the hype and finds it lacking in common sense and a basic understanding of macro-economics. 72-73
Britain in Space – £1.2 billion to invest in lucrative ESA projects 44-45
World News Analysis – Musk aims for Mars: eventually – Laying the 'Golden Spike' 46-47
International News – Orion advancing toward 2014 liftoff 48-49
In brief – news shorts from around the world 49
A View from the Hill – Obama's Christmas present to NASA 50-51
Satellite Digest – 481 November 2012 52-53
ISS Operations Summary – 16 November to 14 December 2012 54-56
Off the Shelf - The Red Rocket's Glare - Into the Cosmos - A little gift with a big symbolism - A4/V2 Rocket DVD-R: Operation Backfire The V-2 Rocket: V-2 Rocket White Sands/Post-War 74-75
Society News – MoU with UKSEDS – BIS History Committee 76-78
VOL. 55 No. 3 March 2013
Is there an Earth analogue? Philip Corneille reviews the search for other worlds in space and asks if there is an Earth-like world out there amid the billions of planets likely to populate the stellar systems in our galaxy and in others beyond. He also looks at the quest for super-Earths and at the record for known planets to date. 98-101
Working with Sir Patrick Moore 1954-2012 At the invitation of Spaceflight, the world's most famous living space artist. David Hardy, paints a picture for us of his work with the world's most famous amateur astronomer. Sir Patrick Moore. Across what others would consider a lifetime. both men had an empathy that needed few words to create living visions of space as imagined for those who could only wonder at the heavens and at the vehicles that may one day take mankind to the stars. 102-107
The Once and Future Moon Dwayne Day turns his analytical eye toward the upcomlng generation of small lunar probes from both NASA's Discovery and New Frontiers programmes. Building on a senes of manned and unmanned precursors. scientists have much to learn from a generation of equipment far more advanced and providing much more information than earlier probes were able to glean. 108-111
Britain in Space – New UK Interstellar Association leads the way 84-85
World News Analysis – NASA and ESA to fly astronauts to deep-space 86-87
International News – New firsts – Time capsule 88-89
In brief – news shorts from around the world 89
A View from the Hill – NASA signs Bigelow for the ISS – Gloves on or off? – Kay Bailey-Hutchison retires 90-91
Satellite Digest – 482 December 2012 92-93
ISS Operations Summary – 15 December 2012 to 15 January 2013 94-97
Inbox – An unfair subsidy? – An inspiration for interstellar – Human flight in decline? – A young Yuri – New media 112-113
Off the Shelf 114
Society News – BIS lectures on-line - BIS South West Group - New UK Space Agency CEO - Gerry Anderson obituary 116-118
VOL. 55 No. 4 April 2013
The Mighty Atlas Part 9: A bigger lift. We continue our in-depth story of the Atlas rocket with events surrounding the transition of the Centaur from a potentially flawed design to a successful space launcher as the upper stage finally delivers its promise. MARS SPECIAL 136-137
Missions to Mars The Editor recaps 17 years of Mars rovers and describes the progress made toward the outstanding and complex Curiosity rover that landed on the Red Planet in August 2012. 138-139
Curiosity at Mars Ken Kremer presents a series of stunning mosaics using raw images from JPL and in collaboration with Marco Di Lorenzo producing panoramas that provide a remarkable view of the surface around the rover at Gale Crater. 140-141
Red Planet Rising Dr Dwayne Day provides a glimpse into the possible future course of Mars Exploration and dips into the background of the next steps in the exploration of the Red Planet, political machinations notwithstanding! 142-148
Obituaries It is with sadness that we reflect upon the lives of three men for whom the space programme was a lifelong contagion: D Brainerd Holmes. Jesco von Puttkamer and Reginald Turnill. 152-154
Britain in Space – Putting the brakes on space junk – UK in market grab – SSTL gets major contract 124-125
World News Analysis – NASA/ESA sea ice study refined – Antarctic sea ice increase 126-127
International News – Towed gliders to launch satellites 128
In brief – news shorts from around the world 128
A View from the Hill – Decision time 129
Satellite Digest – 483 January 2013 130-131
ISS Operations Summary – 15 January to 14 February 2013 132-135
Society News – Tim Peake visits the BIS – The BIS at Astrofest – Sheila Kanani gives talk on planetary moons 155-157
Diary Notices 158
VOL. 55 No. 5 May 2013
Inspiration Mars Former trajectory analyst and flight design engineer for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Dennis Tito wants to send two people on a non-stop fly-by of Mars. Spaceflight conducts a critical analysis of the proposal and asks whether the proposed mission. as much about prestige as about the future of deep space exploration. is feasible. 176-179
Athena Rebirth? Dwayne Day resurrects a forgotten rocket and investigates the fate of the Athena rocket, used for launching small to medium size payloads into space. Begun 20 years ago by Lockheed Martin to capture what was then perceived as a growing market for small. niche satellites the Athena rocket may yet be the answer for customers seeking low-cost flights. 180-184
Apprentice turned Master - 1 Spaceflight Editor David Baker reflects on the contributions of Jesco von Puttkamer who died recently and revisits a conversation dating back almost 40 years. 185
The Mighty Atlas Part 10: Variations on a theme When Atlas was selected as the launch vehicle for Mercury orbital flights the big rocket required substantial modification and added safety features. Joel Powell takes up the story of the Mercury Atlas for John Glenn. 186-189
Air-launched lifter Swiss Space Systems is proposing to develop a reusable lifting body for sending micro-satellites and small payloads into space. 190
Marshall takes up 3D printing Pratt & Whitney is using 3D printing to fabricate components for J-2X testing. 191
Britain in Space – An independent UK launch vehicle? – Smartphone Apps and screams in space 164-165
World News Analysis – New partnership for European Mars mission 166-168
In brief – news shorts from around the world 168
A View from the Hill – Cuts to subsidies 169
Satellite Digest – 484 February 2013 170-171
ISS Operations Summary – 16 February to 16 March 2013 172-175
Inbox – Transient phenomena – Science to spare? – Gateway stations 191
Off the Shelf 192
Society News – UKSEDS celebrate 25th Anniversary – World Space Week 2013 – NASA's Lunar Roving Vehicle 194-197
Diary Notices 198