Contents of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society for Volume 27

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Volume 27 - 1974

Author Co-Authors Title Page
Vol. 27 No. 1 January 1974
N. Simmons Rockets for Earth Environment Monitoring 1
J. K. Abbott R. I. Jude The Skylark Earth-Observation Platform 10
B. S. E. Beattie The Earth Resource Skylark - A Progress Report 14
E. S. Owen Jones N. D. E. Custanee Digitised Analysis of Skylark Rocket Imagery 18
K. Clayton Synoptic Observations at a Global Scale 23
W. Gordon Collins A Review of Remote Sensing Research 29
Q. S. Earl Information from Remote Sensed Data 38
I. E. Hill J. R. Tarrant A Computerised System for Identifying Changes in the Earth's Surface Cover 45
E. C. Barrett Tropical Climatology from Satellites 48
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 66
Space Report 73
Correspondence 80
Vol. 27 No. 2 February 1974
George C. Chang Design for Spacecraft Vibration and Loads Environment 81
C. E. Allen Spacelab - A Preliminary Structural Design 91
J. F. Imbert A. Girard and M. Geradin Modal Analysis of a Satellite Primary Structure using a Finite Element Procedure 107
Vernor Vinge Arthur Sorkin Titan as a Gravitational Brake 129
A. N. Winterbottom D. G. King Hele The Orbit of 1963-30D From 1968 to 1971 132
S. W. Greenwood Extraterrestrial Atmospheric Transportation Considerations 144
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 148
Space Report 154
Book Reviews 159
Reports Available for Loan 160
Vol. 27 No. 3 March 1974
J. Plevin Earth Resources Satellites - The Interest for European Industry 161
M. A. Keech, et al An Assessment of ERTS 1 Imagery as an Aid in Land Resource Planning 173
H. K. Hartbaum The Applications Satellite Program - A Challenge to the European Cummunications Industry 177
T.M.B. Wright The Prospects for an Integrated Aviation and Maritime Satellite System 181
J. Taillet Static Electricity Phenomena Involved in the Europa II F-11 Launch 185
P. E. Whitehead Spacecraft Electrical Distribution 192
E. A. R. Ansley Operational Control of Prospero 199
J. A. Vandenkerckhove J. P. Contzen The Aerosat Programme 207
T. B. Moss Perturbation Techniques and Orbit Expansion by Continuous Low Thrust 213
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 226
Space Report 232
Book Notices 236
Book Reviews 240
Vol. 27 No. 4 April 1974
Editorial 241
P. Mahon Non-Aqueous Biosystems: The Case for Liquid Ammonia as a Solvent 243
Conley Powell Optimal Exhaust Velocity Programming for an Energy-Limited Single-Stage Relativistic Rocket 263
Conley Powell Flight-Time Minimisation for an Energy-Limited Flyby Star Probe 267
G. M. Anderson Optimal Interstellar Relativistic Rocket Trajectories with both Thrust and Acceleration Constraints 273
A. T. Lawton Interstellar Communication – Antenna or Artifact? 286
Bob Parkinson The Starship as Third Generation Technology 295
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 301
Space Report 305
Book Reviews 310
Digest of Technical Literature 316
Conference Report 318
Vol. 27 No. 5 May 1974
Dr. H. Tolle Management Problems in European Projects with Regard to the Geographical Distribution of Tasks 321
H K. Ball E. Mondre The Modular Repeater of the European Communication Satellite (ECS) and the Orbital Test Satellite (OTS) 328
B. L. Blachier European Participation in the Definition of the Next Generation Communication Satellite 337
E. W. V. Acton Some Aspects of the Management of the Science Research Council's Space Activities 343
S. L. Entres The Application of Orbital Remote Sensing 349
R. A. G. Savigear, et al Rocket Photography for Earth Resources Surveys 359
N. P. Press Detecting the Toxic Effects of Metals on Vegetation from Earth Observation Satellites 373
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 385
Space Report 389
Book Reviews 397
Book Notices 398
Correspondence 399
Reports Available for Loan 400
Vol. 27 No. 6 June 1974
I. Mistrik The Off-Line Data Processing System for the Solar Probe Helios A from the Experimenters Stand-Point 401
Klaus Wiegand The German Space Operations Center and its Use for Bilateral Space Projects. 410
J. P. Sigwald The GEOS Satellite Telecommunications Sub-System 419
R. E. W Jansson I. Edwards Theoretical Performance of Ammonia Hydrogen and Biowaste Resistojets 433
W. G. Hughes Satellite Earth-Pointing Attitude Control in the Absence of Yaw Sensing, Using a Double-Gimballed Momentum Wheel 443
D. K. Bedford H. W. Bryan The Micrometeoroid Detector Aboard the Satellite Prospero 459
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 465
Space Report 471
Book Reviews 478
Vol. 27 No. 7 July 1974
B. J. Playfair L. J. C. Wooliscroft A Positive Ion Mass Spectrometer for Studies of the Lower Ionosphere 481
J. W. Furst D. J. Brown Skylark 8 - High Altitude Sounding Rocket 486
C. V. Groves An Analysis of Grenade-Experiment Winds and Temperatures at Natal (6°S) for Diurnal and Seasonal Components 499
M. A. Perry The Characteristics and Application of an On-Board Computer for Use on Spacecraft 512
Mario V. Oggero Lorenzina Sopetto Vortex Phenomena in the Arc-Jet Chamber 521
D. P. Dobson A Satellite On-Board Computer Using LSI 529
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 540
Space Report 548
Technical Notes on Satellites 558
Book Review 560
Vol. 27 No. 8 August 1974
Jan M. Torin John A. Hanje Space-Borne Computer for ESRO Satellite 561
W. A. Metze Computer Controlled Checkout Systems for Space Vehicles 569
C. R. Hepden On-Board Digital Processor for Three Axis Attitude Control 580
P. Zetterquist Development of PCM Telemetry and Tracking Systems at the Swedish Space Corporation 590
V. W. Adams Spin Decay and Spin Axis Drift of the Satellite Prospero 596
J. Zieleniewski Requirements for a Doppler Satellite Navigation System 602
S. W Greenwood Optimum Transfer Between Coplanar Circular Orbits with Opposite Rotation 612
Charles S. Sheldon II A Cursory Overview of World Progress in Space Flight 615
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 628
Space Report 633
Book Reviews 639
Vol. 27 No. 9 September 1974
Editorial 641
Anthony R. Martin The Detection of Extrasolar Planetary Systems. Part 1; Methods of Detection 643
A. J. Fennelly G. L. Matloff Radio Detection of Jupiter-Like Extra-Solar Planets 660
Gregory L. Matloff Alphonsus J. Fennelly A Superconducting Ion Scoop and its Application to Interstellar Flight 663
Alan Bond An Analysis of the Potential Performance of the Ram Augmented Interstellar Rocket 674
Contey Powell Parallel Staging for Starships 686
Bob Parkinson The Starship as an Exercise in Economics 692
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 697
Space Report 702
Reviews 706
Digest of Technical Literature 710
Conference Report 714
Reports Available for Loan 717
Correspondence 718
Vol. 27 No. 10 October 1974
Captain B.H. G.M Baynham What The Shipowner Needs 721
G.H.M. Gleadle Maritime Satellites - A Survey 727
J.A. Vandenkerckhove The ESRO MAROTS Programme 735
J D. Parker Maritime Mobile Satellite Communications! The Ship Terminal 741
M. Bertrand Low-Cost Shipborne Antenna System for Satellite Communications 766
T.M.B. Wright The U.S. Nay Marisat System as a Basis for Global Navigation 773
D.L. Brown G. Melchoir and F. AbsolonneResults of a Maritime Satellite Simulation Experiment 779
P.J. Conchie The Adoption of OTS to the MAROTS Role 797
Vol. 27 No. 11 November 1974
T. Parthasarathy M. K. Saha A Domestic Satellite for India 801
V. U. Adams Prospero - The First Year in Orbit 811
Claude Skenderoff Aerosat System Study - An Example of Work Sharing 827
U Gibbons G. Garside An Improved Low-level Current Amplifier of Fast Response for Spaceborne Applications 833
H. Hiller The Effects of 15th-Order Resonance on the Orbit of 1971-58B 841
J. B. Paxton R. F. Turner An Engineering Profile of a Sounding Rocket Payload for Observation of the Sun 849
R. C. Parkinson Materials Processing in Space 860
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 862
Space Report 866
B.I.S. Visit to Culham Laboratory 877
Correspondence 879
Vol. 27 No. 12 December 1974
Anthony R. Martin The Detection of Extrasolar Planetary Systems.Part 2: Discussion of Astrometric Results 881
A. T. Lawton S. J. Newton Long Delayed Echoes - The Trojan Ionosphere 907
Eugene F. Mallove Robert L. Forward Bibliography of Interstellar Travel and Communication - 1 921
J. S. Griffith Astronomical Notebook 944
Space Report 949
Author and Subject Index 951