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The goal of The Space Library is to create a professional forum for space experts to collect together a comprehensive, context-driven database of the world's declassified aerospace science, engineering, law, history and biographical information. In the interests of attracting expert contributions The Space Library has been designed to be as simple as possible by using popular open-source software, custom and third-party code. It is The Space Library's goal to provide a mechanism whereby these experts are compensated for their contributions and to insure that their contributions remain unaltered by third parties.

All subscription fees for The Space Library will be used to maintain and host The Space Library website.

Anyone contributing Content to The Space Library, using their Contributor Privileges, accepts the terms of the following agreement:

DRAFT 1.0 (Work in Progress - Subject to Change)



  • The Space Library - The World Wide Web website visible to subscribers at,,, or any other such URL that the owners of The Space Library choose to use.
  • Contributor - Any person granted editing privileges to add Content to The Space Library
  • Contributor Privileges - Unique Login access granted to Contributors to allow the posting of Content to The Space Library
  • Subscriber - Any person, organisation or institution paying for access to see and hear The Space Library.
  • Content - Any information posted to The Space Library, including but not limited to, audio, video, text or images. Consisting of "Open Material" or "Premium material"
  • Page - Any open content material posted to The Space Library and accessible to Subscribers through The Space Library search engine or through The Space Library internal hyperlinks.
  • "Open material" - Content visible or audible to all The Space Library Subscribers
  • "Premium material" - Content requiring subscribers to pay an additional fee, over and above their subscription fee, to view or hear.

Conditions and Terms


  • 1A) Contributor agrees to grant The Space Library permission to use all "Open Material" posted to The Space Library in perpetuity.
  • 1B) Contributor acknowledges the right of The Space Library to license and exploit throughout the world, the Open Material posted by the Contributor.
  • 1C) Contributor agrees to allow The Space Library to use their name and likeness in conjunction with any Content they post to The Space Library .
  • 1D) Contributor agrees to allow The Space Library to collect revenues from the sale of "Premium material", on the Contributor's behalf, subject to an agreed upon fee. Such fee to be determined by mutual agreement between The Space Library and the Contributor.

Contributor Warranties and Indemnities

  • 2A) Contributor agrees that they will only post "Open material" or "Premium material" to which they own the copyright, or which is in the public domain.
  • 2B) Contributor agrees to NOT use sensitive or critically important passwords for their Login to The Space Library, and indemnifies The Space Library against any damages if their Login credentials are compromised.
  • 2C) Contributor agrees to create and post a Page about themselves.
  • 2D) Contributor agrees to NOT create Pages about any other living person.
  • 2E) Contributor agrees that they will not allow any third party to use their Contributor privileges and will not deliberately give their Space Library Login credentials to any third party.
  • 2F) Contributor agrees that they will not "cut and paste", or post in any other way, copyrighted or unauthorised third party information from other websites, books, films, recordings, magazines, newspapers or any other third party copyrighted source without the express permission in writing of the copyright holder.
  • 2G) Contributor indemnifies The Space Library from any and all action or legal repercussions, including but not limited to damages, from any such breach of third party copyrights, caused by aforesaid Contributor's postings to The Space Library.
  • 2H) Contributor agrees that they will not post anything of a slanderous or libelous nature on The Space Library about any third party or about The Space Library and its owners.
  • 2I) Contributor agrees that any commercial advertising posted on the Contributor's The Space Library pages is directly related to the subject of the content on that page or to the Contributor of that page. Links posted on The Space Library to sell products on other websites must be related to aerospace.
  • 2J) Contributor agrees not to post hyperlinks on The Space Library that go to any other webpage that is not directly related to aerospace science, aerospace engineering, aerospace law, aerospace history or aerospace news.
  • 2K) Contributor agrees that the administrators of The Space Library have the absolute right to remove or edit The Space Library pages. Editing by The Space Library administrators will be kept to an absolute minimum and on such occasion as a major change is required Contributors will be notified.
  • 2L) Open and Premium Material will be hosted by The Space Library for no charge to Contributors.
  • 2M) Exercising and utilising The Space Library Contributor privileges binds the Contributor to the terms of this agreement.
  • 2N) Contributors who are citizens or corporations of the United States agree to abide by the ITAR regulations.

The Space Library Reserves, Warranties and Indemnities

  • 3A) The Space Library does not guarantee 100% protection of Premium Material from theft, but will strive to keep all Premium Material secure behind its hosting firewall.
  • 3B) The Space Library reserves the right to revoke Contributor privileges at any time, for any reason.
  • 3C) The Space Library reserves the right to remove any Material that may contain a harmful or injurious formula or instruction.

Application of Laws

  • This agreement shall be interpreted according to the laws and statutes of the Province of Ontario and Canada.