August 1939

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New Worlds Magazine issue #4 is published in England and features No Chance by William F. Temple of the British Interplanetary Society.

Trevor Cusack and Eric Burgess publish the first edition of Spacewards magazine which fills in the gap during the war years for British Astronautical Publications.

The BIS begin a series of promotional leaflets explaining all of the basic principles of astronautics.

A letter to the BIS HQ from a member in the Midlands of England named Mr. Yeardley explains that he is working on the principle that radio and television may be of some use in space exploration.

The Bulletin of the BIS reports that Stephen H. Smith of Calcutta India has launched a series of rockets carrying an assortment of payloads including postcards, brandy, cheese, sugar, tea and two mice. It goes on to say that the "Star of India" covered Smith's experiments and that he also launched a six foot wide rocket aeroplane.