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All content contributed to The Space Library is subject to the Contributor's Agreement. Please read it before uploading your Premium Content. If you use your uploading privileges you agree to abide by the terms of this Contributor's Agreement.

If you are a Space Library contributor you can upload your Premium content to The Space Library Premium content directory. This is done by clicking on the Items button below. An ID number will be assigned to your premium upload file by the system. After that it is simple to create the "Buy It Now" button on any Space Library page you have created by using the code provided by the system. It will look something like this:

<paypal>assigned item ID number</paypal>



The system generates the item number and allows you to simply cut and paste it into your page. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you cut and paste the code since, if you type in the wrong number, potential purchasers will be directed to the wrong item and you won't get paid.

The Space Library will host the file and process payment. An agreed-upon fee will be charged for these sort of transactions and the money forwarded to you through a process agreed between The Space Library and the contributor.

  • To watch a tutorial video for selling a download through Paypal click HERE
  • To watch a tutorial video for Managing Paypal Downloads click HERE

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