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The Space Library is in beta-testing. Only Registered Contributors can edit or add content to The Space Library.

Selling Premium Material or contributing Open Material to The Space Library is subject to the agreement posted HERE.

There are currently only a handful of pre-programmed templates for formatting pages. The Space Library is capable of hosting HTML5 video, SWF virtual reality, MP4 video (including anaglyphic 3D) and MP4 audio. You will need an HTML5 compatible browser to hear and see these files. The Space Library can also handle Seadragon files. See an example HERE. It is also capable of hosting PDF files as well as JPG and GIF images.


Creating a new page

Only Trusted contributors can create a new page. To create a new page is as simple as searching for a subject using the search box at left and clicking on "Search". If the page you wish to create does not already exist, then a red link will appear marked "create this page". Click on this red link and an editing box will open. Then just start typing. You will notice that the new page title includes your name. This is a deliberate function to make sure that content is clearly identified by its creator. (Only Administrators can create an unattributed page.)

Remember once you create a page, no one else can alter it, except the administrators, IF IT IS PROTECTED. Instructions for Protecting a page can be seen HERE.

A toolbar is at the top of your editing box for making style choices, as well as for creating links to internal and external locations and uploaded files.

Audio, PDF documents and images can be uploaded through the Upload link in the Toolbox at left of your screen. If you upload files please be sure to provide an adequate description of the file. If you are creating a page specifically for an audio recording, a video or a book, remember to add a Category tag at the end of the page, e.g. [[Category:Audio]] [[Category:Movie]] or [[Category:Publications]] or it won't appear in the main category links.

Although errors can be easily corrected, The Space Library keeps a history of every saved page so please use the Preview button frequently when editing pages.

To watch a tutorial video for creating a new page click HERE

Uploading Files Visible to any Space Library User

To learn how to Upload files that can be displayed on any Space Library page click HERE

Creating a "Contents" box at the top of a page

By creating at least four separate headings, Space Library will generate a Contents box at the top of the page. Headings are created by placing two equals signs == on either side of your desired heading text.

To watch a tutorial video for creating a Contents box click HERE

Coloured Text

There are several templates already installed for creating coloured text on your page. Red, Green, Blue and Orange.

For red text simply type:

{{Red|your text here}}

For green text type:

{{Green|more of your text here}}

Note that you must put a pipe like this | between your text and the colour you have chosen, and you must open and close the coloured section with two braces {{...}}


To add footnotes to your page place the following code in the place where you wish the notation to appear.


You can then just increase the numbers for example:


Then place the following code at the bottom of your page to link to the notes:

# {{note|1}} Your text 
# {{note|2}} Your text 
# {{note|3}} Your text 

Be sure there are no empty lines between the notes or the numbers will not sequence.

Redirecting a page

Redirecting a page is restricted to already existing pages, for example if you had created a page called Apollo 11 by Joe Smith and you wanted to redirect it to an existing page called Apollo Program, simply replace all the code on the Apollo 11 by Joe Smith page with #REDIRECT followed by [[Apollo Program]]. Please use this function with care. Once this is in place anyone clicking on "Apollo 11 by Joe Smith" will be automatically redirected to the "Apollo Program" page.

Adding a sortable table to a page

To add a table with sortable columns please click HERE.

Reallocating ownership of a page

Pages can be reallocated to different owners only by the Administrators.

Adding images to a page

To add an image, first upload it, with an adequate description, using the "Upload File" link in the Toolbox at left on your screen.

Once you have uploaded your file, to add the image to a page, use the "Embedded File" button Image:Embedicon.jpg in the editing toolbar on your page - OR - cut and use the following code to display the image at a smaller resolution. Make sure you use the whole line of code including the square brackets at each end.

[[Image:name of your image.jpg|border|200px]]

In this instance the image will display at 200 pixels width with a grey border.

  • To make an image with a caption, aligned to the right and with text flowing around it use this:
[[Image:name of your image.jpg|right|thumb|caption]]

  • If you wish to add a gallery of images the code is:
  • If you wish to add a description for each image in the gallery use the following code:
Image:filename.jpg|Description of image 1
Image:filename2.jpg|Description of image 2

To watch a tutorial video for creating a Picture Gallery click HERE

It is not currently possible to make a picture into a hyperlink.

Adding video or audio to a page

The Space Library supports video and audio in MP4 using the H264 (or x264) codec. After uploading your video or audio using the upload button in the toolbox at left, use the following code to place the video player in your page. Remember file names and extensions are case sensitive.


For audio use:


An example can be seen HERE

To watch a tutorial video for adding video or audio to a page click HERE

Code for creating a personal page

At the moment, creating a personal page about yourself needs Administrative assistance. If you try to create a personal page without assistance it will appear as "Your Name by Your Name". Once the Administrator creates your personal page ownership will be reassigned to you.

It is extremely important that you understand the basic rules for editing a page before trying to edit your personal page.

A personal page can be created using a standard template such as the one seen below. An example of a Personal Page can be found HERE.

Once the administrator has created your personal page you can edit it.

  • To edit your personal page, first upload a picture of yourself using the Upload button in the left toolbar. An image of the person should be about 200 pixels wide and uploaded as a JPG.
  • Remember the name of the image you uploaded. Names are case sensitive. If you put a space in the name of your image you will need to add an underscore in the image name.
  • The administrator will have placed the code from the dotted box below into your page and then reassigned the page to you.

You can then change the information to the right of the equals signs. e.g. 'title =' is followed by your name, 'image =' is followed by an image link to your photograph.

  • The lines that start 'data =' are where you enter information about yourself. If you leave a "data" line blank (e.g. you don't wish to reveal your date of birth) that category will not appear on your page.
  • The lines that start 'label =' will appear as a subheading on the left of the finished box. It is recommended that you don't change the "label" lines.



|bodystyle    = float:right; valign:top;
|title        = Type Your name here
|titlestyle   = 
|image        = [[Image:YOURPICTURE.jpg]]
|imagestyle   = 
|caption      = Type your picture caption here
|captionstyle = 
|headerstyle  = background:#ccf;
|labelstyle   = background:#ddf;
|datastyle    = text-align:right;
|header1 = 
|label1  = 
|data1   = 
|header2 = 
|label2  = Birth Name
|data2   = Type your full name here
|header3 = 
|label3  = Birth Date
|data3   = Type your birth date here
|header4 = 
|label4  = Birth Place
|data4   = Type your birthplace here 
|label5  = Date of Death
|data5   = Leave blank if alive
|label6  = Place of Death
|data6  = Leave blank if alive
|label7 = Occupation
|data7 = Type your occupation here e.g. Engineer, Author etc
|label8 = Nationality
|data8 = Type your nationality here e.g. United States of America
|label9 = Notable Works
|data9 = Type your notable works here e.g.''Name of Book'', ''Name of Movie''


This code will produce a box that looks like the one at right:

Your name
Picture caption e.g. name circa 1970
Birth Name YOUR full name
Birth Date e.g. April 4th 1929
Birth Place e.g. Staten Island, New York, USA
Date of Death Leave blank if alive
Place of Death Leave blank if alive
Occupation Engineer, Author etc
Nationality e.g. United States of America
Notable Works Name of Book, Name of Movie

To sell premium content

If you wish to sell premium content, such as an ebook download, you must have contributor privileges.

Selling Premium Material or contributing Open Material to The Space Library is subject to the agreement posted here.

If you are a Space Library contributor you can upload your Premium content to the Space Library Premium content directory. This is done by clicking on the Edit Paypal Items button on the left side of the page.

How to create a Book page

If you want to create a page about a book please go to this page to acquire the necessary code.

How to create a Movie page

If you want to create a page about a movie please go to this page to acquire the necessary code.