January 1934

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First issue of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society is published. It has only six pages, a cover, a back cover, a page on membership and a three page article by Philip Ellaby Cleator, founder of the BIS. Cleator makes a trip to Germany where he was met and greeted by Willy Ley who took him on a tour of the Raketenflugplatz. Cleator's introduction to the first issue makes reference to support from Chamber's Journal, The Liverpool Echo and the Daily Express, all of which ran articles by Cleator. Cleator made R.S. Chambers an honorary fellow of the BIS. Other early fellows are Richard Thiele, Raymond Thiele, Ms A.C. Heaton. First vice-president was C.H.L. Askham. Lester J. Johnson - secretary, J. Toolan, N.E. Moore Raymond, H.C. Binns - accountant, Mr McNab, N. Weedal, J.A. Free, and E. Roberts. The BIS offices were located at 34 Oarside Drive Wallasey, Cheshire.

Redmask of the Outlands a science fiction story by American Interplanetary Society founder Nathaniel Schachner appears in Astounding Stories magazine.