June 1936

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Volume 3 #2 of The Journal of the British Interplanetary Society was published in Liverpool England. Included was an article about experiments by the Cleveland Rocket Society. Another article about the Australian Rocket Society discussed an attempted rocket launch across the Brisbane River.

Reverse Universe a science fiction story by American Interplanetary Society founder Nathaniel Schachner appears in Astounding Stories magazine.

Beyond the Stratosphere a science fiction story by William Lemkin, co-founder of the American Interplanetary Society, is published in Hugo Gernsback's Amazing Stories magazine.

Eric Burgess forms the Manchester Interplanetary Society in England.

Maurice K. Hanson of the British Interplanetary Society publishes issue #4 of Novae Terrae magazine in Nuneaton England. It features an article by J.E. Barnes called "A Critical Examination of Space Flight by Means of Rockets", in which Barnes explains how the chemical energy in rocket propellants is insufficient to break the earth's gravity. Hanson published it so that he could rebut in the following issue.