Kids To Space - Prologue by Arthur C. Clarke

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Sooner or later in this new century, manned exploration of the planets will happen. It’s hard for me to realise that nobody under 30 alive today was even born when Neil Armstrong took that “one small step” onto the Moon, and changed history forever. Yet it is members of this post-lunar generation who will continue the journey from where Apollo left off. One of you . . . could well be the first human being to set foot on Mars. Of course, a great deal more needs to be done before a manned mission to Mars can take place. We need more efficient transport systems, a reliable space station and greater co-operation among nations in exploring space. At the same time, we need competent men and women committed to turning our dreams and visions into practical reality.

And careers in space are no longer limited to those engaged in science or engineering, although a good grasp of physics and mathematics would always be a good starting point. Exploring, colonising and exploiting space in the coming decades will require the skills of a multitude of professionals—ranging from architects and historians to lawyers and accountants.

I wish you good luck in your personal and collective journeys beyond the Earth in the coming years and decades.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke - Colombo, Sri Lanka January 2006



Extracted from the book Kids to Space - by Lonnie Schorer