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NEW!! Grumman MOLAB images

NEW!! Early Lunar Landing projects Lunex - USAF Lunar Expedition Plan and Project Horizon

NEW!! Hückel by Wolfgang Both (in German)

Gene Cernan (1934-2017) - Pondering his legacy in 2002. (©2017 The Space Library)

NEW!! Canadian Space Society Conference Papers 2015

NEW!! Max Faget interview with Michael Lennick (2002)

NEW!! To see the rest of this interview by Michael Lennick please click here to subscribe to the library

NEW!! Extract of A-4 (V-2) launchings at Cuxhaven for Project Backfire. Please subscribe to see the whole film.

Celebrating 50 Years of Star Trek

An Interview with Robert Justman, the only man to co-produce all three seasons of the original Star Trek!

To see the rest of this interview by Michael Lennick please click here to subscribe to the library

NEW!! A History of the American Astronautical Society (AAS), 1954–2014 by Rick W. Sturdevant, James R. Kirkpatrick, and Michael L. Ciancone

Updated!! The Papers of the Founder of Canada's First Astronautics Society - Dr Philip A. Lapp

THE FINAL INSTALLMENT- "SECRECY IMPOSED IN GERMANY" IS NOW ONLINE! An exclusive new history of the German Rocket Society by Frank H. Winter

Now in English Willy Ley – Berliner, Rocket Pioneer, Space Historian by Wolfgang Both A new biography

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