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A short-lived magazine created in Huntsville Alabama by ABMA engineer B. Spencer Isbell. Originally intended as a fund-raising vehicle to help support the Rocket City Astronomical Association the magazine was so successful that it is believed to have sold in excess of 100,000 copies of some issues.

The Board of Consultants included Hermann Oberth, Dr Eugen Sanger, Helmut Hoeppner, Frederick I. Ordway III, Hubertus Strughold, Ronald C. Wakeford and others. Associate Editors included Mitchell R. Sharpe Jr, Ralph E. Jennings and James L. Daniels Jr.

David L. Christensen was assistant editor.

Art direction was by Harry H-K Lange assisted by Con Pederson and others.

Space Journal Index

Title Authors Page
Spring 1958 #3
Projecting with Space Journal B. Spencer Isbell 2
Stride into Space New York Times 4
Father of Rocketry Ralph Jennings 5
Life on Other Stars Ernst Stuhlinger 10
Rocket Mail to the Moon Dr Harold Ritchey 17
The Remarkable "X" Craft Frederick I Ordway III 21
Mars and Beyond 28
Out Our Space 30
Vox Populi 31
Beyond this Star James Daniels JR 35
Summer 1958 #4
Projecting with Space Journal James Daniels Jr 2
The Purpose of Man in the Universe John Hulley 3
Launching the Explorer Satellites James Stamy 8
Spatial Orientation of Explorer Satellites Dr Charles Lundquist 15
Life on Other Stars Part II Dr Ernst Stuhlinger 21
The Acid Test Dr Wernher von Braun 31
Space Books 37
Out Our Space 43
Vox Populi 44
Beyond this Star James Daniels Jr 47
Fall 1958 #5
Projecting with Space Journal Dr Wernher von Braun 2
Soviet Technical Progress Ronald C Wakeford 4
Educational Challenge Frederick I Ordway III 12
Implications of Soviet Progress in Science and Engineering Col J.G. Mayton 31
Space Poetry 34
Dialectical Materialism The Real Challenge of Soviet Science Dr Karel Hujer 35
A Proposal for a Village on the Moon Hiroshi Kumagai 41
Meteorites 46
Space Books 48
Reaction 52
March - May 1959 #6
Other Beings on Other Planets 4
The Ultimate Necessity of Space Travel Dr Philip Shockey 5
Survival in Space Dr Siegfried Gerathewohl 9
Reality, Relativity and Common Sense James Gardner 14
Design Criteria for Buildings on the Moon Dr John Rinehart 24
Meteorites 30
Space Poetry 32
Dynamics of Life in the Universe John Hulley 33
Radiation and Space Travel Dr Jan Paul 42
Men of Science 43
Project Star Helmut Hoeppner and B. Spencer Isbell 44
Space Books 51
Reaction 53
Information Free 55
September 1959 #7
Time for a Change 2
Project Able and Baker 2
Does the Moon Possess a Magnetic Field? Dr Zdenek Kopal 3
Space Exploration and the Value of Man Dr Donald Michael 9
Green Mountain Proving Ground Gateway to Tomorrow G. Harry Stine 16
Futureman 22
Reaction 24
Meteorites 26
Space Books 29
Is Time the Missing Link? Helmut Hoeppner and B. Spencer Isbell 31
Information Free 40
Men of Science 42
Thrust Control of Solid Propellant Motors Dr Harold Ritchey 43