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Author’s PREFACE

A part of Buzz Aldrin’s historic legacy must be that he played a primary role in the development of opportunities for opening space travel to the public. Since returning from the Moon with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins in July 1969, he has worked with super human energy to create and to support initiatives leading to the fulfillment of this goal.

As part of his overall vision, in January 2003 Dr. Aldrin approached me with the idea of setting up an organization to be known as Global Space Travelers. Among the organization’s objectives, including support of all who travel to space in any capacity other than as official government astronauts, cosmonauts or taikonauts, is educational outreach to children. Without children’s interest, involvement, and belief in humankind’s future in space, there will be no firm foundation for fulfillment of our space goals.

Kids to Space: A Space Traveler’s Guide is a Global Space Traveler’s step toward involving children in the space effort by giving them a voice and a venue for expressing their hopes, their dreams, and their fears. Via their questions and illustrations, the book is an invitation to children to start thinking about how they may participate in decisions for tomorrow. It is an effort to let children know that they do have an immediate role, and that we are listening to their visions for the future.

Lonnie Jones Schorer