K2S Part 3 - Exploring Space

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Chapters Sample Topics Experts
PROLOGUE Why do we explore? Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ph. D.
SPACE What exactly is space? Jim Zebrowski
GALAXY, SOLAR SYSTEM and UNIVERSE How big are they? Are they getting bigger? Steve Hammond
CLIMATE Is there weather in space? Robert P. McCoy, Ph.D.
TEMPERATURE Is space hot or cold or both? Robert P. McCoy, Ph.D.
ALIENS Do aliens exist? Robby Gaines
LIFE FORMS Is there any life out there? Robby Gaines
WATER Is there any water in space? Joe Rhemann
VEGETATION Can we grow anything in space? Gregory Schlick
RESOURCES What can we find and use? Trygve Magelssen
ECONOMICS Is it worth it? Esther Dyson,
COSTS How much does the effort cost? Ben Reytblat
THE SUN Will the Sun last forever? Jim Zebrowski
THE MOON Who can tell us everything about the Moon? Thomas Matula Ph.D.
STARS What do they really look like? Dirk Terell, Ph.D.
BLACK HOLES Could we ever get lost in one? Jim Zebrowski
ASTEROIDS, COMETS and METEORS What are they, and what are the chances of getting hit? Alan Hale, Ph.D.
PLANETS Why do planets move? Ed Frederick, Ph.D.
MERCURY Is Mercury the hottest planet? Laura Peckyno;
VENUS How long is one day on Venus? Laura Peckyno;
EARTH How heavy is Earth? Derek Webber
MARS Have we discovered any life? Laura Peckyno;
JUPITER What is the big red spot? Laura Peckyno;
SATURN How many moons are there? Carolyn Porco, Ph.D.
URANUS What is the atmosphere made of? Laura Peckyno;
NEPTUNE Could humans live there? Laura Peckyno;
PLUTO Is it a ball of rock and ice? John Spencer, Ph.D.
NEW PLANET? Is there a 10th planet? Laura Peckyno;
SATELLITES What information do they give us? Derek Webber
INVENTIONS AND TECHNOLOGIES Will there be a lot of futuristic sounding stuff? Bradley C. Edwards, Ph.D.
ROBOTS Can robots and humans work together? Capt. CAF Marc Fricker
LANDING What are the landing procedures? Col. USAF (Ret.) Frederick D. Gregory